Tesla Cybertruck Dual and Tri-Motor options production timelines pulled back to 2021.

Tesla community tracker suggests the Cybertruck has 535,000+ reservations

Undoubtedly the Tesla Cybertruck is the most viral automobile of the 21st century, only Tesla Model 3 comes close at the peak of reservation holders’ curiosity when people would go leaps and bounds to leak a few pictures of the car — Tesla amassed around 400,000 reservations for the Model 3 in the initial few months of the unveiling.

Now an online community forum for Cybertruck owners and fans named CybertruckOwnersClub.com has gathered data that using the ‘Reservation Numbers (RN)’ submitted voluntarily by the reservation holders of the vehicle. The detailed spreadsheet with different data points suggest that the number pre-orders have reached 535,841 as of this writing, surpassing the 400k+ record of the Tesla Model 3 from the past.

The following graph from the aforementioned spreadsheet shows the daily and total reservation numbers from different sources of data including Elon’s tweets, Amount of RNs, Corrected RNs, and the author’s prediction (this graph shows numbers after taking into consideration an estimated ~13% cancellation ratio).

The last time Elon Musk updated the Cybertruck reservation numbers of 250k was just after one week of the unveiling of the most polarizing vehicle of all time.

Total and daily Tesla Cybertruck reservations.
Total and daily Tesla Cybertruck reservations.

Initially, some of the Tesla Cybertruck pre-orders will be canceled over time, especially if the planned production start meets some delays but in the end, Tesla will be able to produce and deliver this electric pickup truck like crazy, like the story of the Tesla Model 3 production hell and now Tesla has delivered just less then half a million Model 3 cars since 2017 — the Cybertruck is far cheaper and easier to produce compared to any Tesla vehicle or a traditional pickup truck available today.

With the possibility of a new Gigafactory in Texas in near future, Tesla will be more capable of producing the Cybertruck units and distributing them to the largest pickup truck market in the United States, so reaching the 500k+ delivery numbers for the Cybertruck will take less time then it took for the Model 3 to reach the tipping point.

Although the Tesla Cybertruck has a more angular design of the exterior but when compared to a Ford F-150 and Dodge RAM in a computer simulation, interestingly it performed well in terms of aerodynamics — also the Cybertruck starts from 250+ miles and goes up to a compelling 500+ miles for the tri-motor top of the line variant which is going to production next year.

Edmunds in their latest video (below) put forward their opinion on the Tesla Cybertruck and have included in the list of new electric pickup trucks alongside Rivian R1T and the recently teased GM’s Hummer EV.

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