Tesla Cybertruck has polarized the entire United States in love or hate the product.

GeoTagging data reveals which U.S. state loves the Cybertruck and which one hates it

The latest study of the GeoTagging data taken from the recent Twitter ‘Cybertruck’ trend shows which U.S. state mostly loves the new Tesla vehicle and which state largely hates it. We previously reported that the Tesla Cybertruck is one of the most polarizing product design in recent history, either you love it or hate it, there is no gray area in between.

PartCatalog.com sent us the following map they generated with the help of studying 100,000 tweets containing the hashtag #cybertruck and also having their geolocation information available in the profile.

The tweets that were selected for data collection contained phrases such as: ‘I love it’, ‘I hate it’, ‘I love the design’, ‘I hate the design’, ‘ugly’, and ‘awesome’ — the results are not too surprising but still show us the trend each state is going through with respect to the Tesla Cybertruck.

With the help of this map, we can estimate which states are placing most of the orders, from the latest 250,000 pre-orders reported by Elon Musk.

Tesla Cybertruck sentiment across the United States, love it = red, hate it = black.

Tesla Cybertruck sentiment across the United States. Love it = Red, Hate it = Brown. Data research and infographic by PartCatalog.com

19 states love the Cybertruck and 31 hate it (for now), most of the west coast is in favor of progression towards the future of design, California being home to Tesla has a more welcoming gesture towards the Cybertruck along with the state policies favoring the adoption of electric vehicles.

Gigafactory 1 where the automaker makes battery packs with the help of their partner Panasonic is also under the good influence of Tesla and shows more acceptance towards the radical design choice for the Tesla Cybertruck.

Oregon, Washington, Utah, Wyoming, Colorado are surrounded by the unwelcoming states until you reach Missouri, Illinois, Louisiana, Alabama, and then again we enter the darkness until we reach the east coast that shares the same sentiment with the west coast, starting from Pennsylvania and New York and rest of the surrounded smaller states.

Tesla (TSLA) and the Tesla community needs to focus more on spreading awareness about sustainability, EVs, and the Tesla products to the Midwest and the South of the United States.

EVANNEX Cyber Monday Sales Special
US Car and Truck Sales Graph from 1980 to 2018.
US Car and Truck Sales Graph from 1980 to 2018 (Source: Teslanomics by Ben Sullins).

Pickup Truck sales beat car sales in the U.S. by a good margin

Since around 2008-2009 the pickup truck sales in the United States took over the car sales and the cars never won after that, actually the gap between sales of both genres is steadily increasing every year (see graph above), Americans like trucks and the love is increasing with time, so a pickup truck from Tesla was inevitable.

The pickup truck’s upward sales trend is likely to stretch for the coming years and Tesla has put a worthy rival against the traditional and famous ICE trucks like the Ford F-150, Chevy Silverado, and RAM 1500 — on the electric side of things the rising Rivian R1T is worth mentioning.

Tesla alone cannot fulfill the whole country’s demand of the pickup trucks but a good chunk of it can be grabbed if the production of the Cybertruck starts on time, it should because of the simplicity of the unibody design and rest of the components like software, batteries, and drivetrains are already in place, with only 200,000 Tesla Cybertruck sales, the company can generate an estimated revenue of around $11 B — not bad at all.

Jack Rickard from EVTV has provided some great insights on the Tesla Cybertruck from an engineering and design perspective in the following video, a long show but he doesn’t let his audience get bored easily.

International Sentiment


Ark Investment Management LLC did another research based on Google trends data and found out that the Cybertruck has garnered much interest from the UK, Russia, Canada, South Africa, and Mexico as well, they have come up with a similar interest-based map.

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Important: The infographic and data was exclusively provided to X Auto by PartCatalog.com, please ask for permission to Alan Marek (amarek(at)partcatalog.com) before use.

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