Tesla Cybertruck as seen on Battery Day.

Redesigned Cybertruck is coming, same could be launched in Europe, says Musk

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has opened up about the Cybertruck in his latest tweetstorm. In response to a question about the slightly redesigned Cybertruck unveiling, he said “Sure, In a month or so”.

Since Tesla has been thinking of introducing a smaller version of the Tesla Cybertruck in Europe — a Musk fan reminded him that the drivers can add some extra certifications on their licenses to be able to legally drive the Cybertruck in Europe.

Elon Musk replied he wasn’t aware of this legislation, if it becomes possible to get the Cybertruck approved in Europe, Tesla will launch the same North American Cybertruck in Europe as well.

Talking further about the Cybertruck’s design, Elon Musk answered a fan who was not so happy about the design changes to his dream electric pickup truck. Musk said that the new design is better than the original and every minor tweak and attention to detail matters.

Another issue with the Tesla Cybertruck is its ultra-large length of 19.5 feet. In an average 20 feet long garage, the Cybertruck will not fit with a small space at the front and back for obvious reasons. In the following video @TeslaRaj with the help of augmented reality shows how the Cybertruck doesn’t fit in his garage.

The under-construction Tesla Gigafactory in Austin, Texas will be the first Tesla manufacturing plant where the Cybertruck production will start next year. Like Giga Berlin, Giga Austin development is also on a fast track.

In response to one of the latest photos of Gigafactory Austin, TX, Elon Musk said that the Tesla team working on the Giga Texas factory is making progress fast.

A few months back Elon Musk explained why Tesla chose Austin for its next U.S. Gigafactory, reasons ranging from availability of engineering and tech talent, relaxed regulations, lower cost of production, and easy access to the east coast.

Texas can also become the main customer base for the Tesla Cybertruck in North America, so delivering it to most customers in the mid-west makes sense of the Giga Austin location.

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