Tesla powered 80HP Sccooter.

Watch this Tesla battery-powered electric scooter’s insane acceleration

The combination of batteries and motors enables an electric vehicle to deliver instant torque to the wheels and we have seen this phenomenon many times when Tesla cars have beaten the ICE big boys in drag races — now a Hungarian engineer has developed an electric scooter that utilizes custom Tesla battery blocks to power the brushless internal permanent magnet motor (IPM) housed at the rear wheels.

Being an RWD it gives this small EV great maneuvering capabilities as we can witness in the following demonstration video where a nanny comes and starts drifting and driving the scooter.

According to the specs of this electric scooter, with 80 horsepower it can transmit 400Nm of instant torque to the wheels which results in a raging 0-60 mph time of 2.4 seconds while the vehicle can catch a top-speed of 91 mph.

This scooter is developed by Cangooify, who also post how to do it yourself videos of such projects on their Facebook page as well, they also convert other motorbikes to pure electric for fun and the sake of engineering.

Tesla batteries from salvaged Tesla vehicles are also proving to be very useful for creating power storage and solutions and when coupled with solar, it can provide electricity for homes round the clock, Jack Rickard from EVTV provides such solutions to his customers, for example, he’s currently working on a 30kW High Voltage DC Smart Inverter using the Tesla Model 3 batteries that he’s showing in the following video.

Aftermarket Tesla Accessories by EVANNEX

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