Jaguar I-Pace vs Tesla Model X

Jaguar I-Pace vs Tesla Model X – Detailed Specs Comparison

Mar 06, 2018 | by Iqtidar Ali

Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) accelerated their EV production plans when they revealed the all-electric I-Pace a few days ago. News is that Jaguar’s contractor for assembly (Magna Steyr) has started production of the I-Pace in Graz, Austria.

Interestingly as soon as the I-Pace reveal, Jaguar released a video which shows their first ever electric SUV beating two variants of the Tesla Model X in a 0-60 mph challenge (scroll to the end of page for video).

Jaguar offers four variants of the I-Pace S, SE, HSE & ‘First Edition’ where S being the basic and ‘First Edition’ is top-of-the-line.  In contrast we have three variants of the Tesla Model X 75D, 100D and a performance P100D. Let’s compare both vehicles spec-to-spec below.


VariantsJaguar I-PaceTesla Model X
Type →Li-ion; liquid-cooled; pouch cellsLiquid-cooled lithium ion (Li-ion)
Number of cells / modules →432 / 36N/A
1S: 90 kWh75D: 75 kWh
2SE: 90 kWh100D: 100 kWh
3HSE: 90 kWhP100D: 100 kWh
4First Edition: 90 kWhN/A

Performance 0-60 mph (0-100 km/h)

VariantsJaguar I-PaceTesla Model X
1S: 4.5 sec (4.8 sec)75D: 4.9 sec
2SE: 4.5 sec (4.8 sec)100D: 4.7 sec
3HSE: 4.5 sec (4.8 sec)P100D: 2.9 sec
4First Edition: 4.5 sec (4.8 sec)N/A

Range (Estimated)

VariantsJaguar I-PaceTesla Model X
1S: 480km (298 miles)*75D: 381km (237 miles)
2SE: 480km (298 miles)100D: 474km (295 miles)
3HSE: 480km (298 miles)P100D: 465km (289 miles)
4First Edition: 480km (298 miles)N/A
*Jaguar range estimates are WLTP based.


 Jaguar I-PaceTesla Model X
All Variants Motor and transmission integrated into front and rear axles, Electric all-wheel driveDual Motor, All-Wheel Drive

Exterior Dimensions

OptionsJaguar I-PaceTesla Model X
Length184.3 in ( 4,682 mm ) 198.3 in ( 5,036 mm )
Width (mirrors folded)74.6 in ( 1,895 mm )81.5 in ( 2,070 mm )
Width (mirrors open)84.2 in ( 2,139 mm )89.4 in ( 2,270 mm )
Overall Height61.6 in ( 1,565 mm )66 in ( 1,684 mm )
Wheelbase117.7 in ( 2,990 mm )117 in ( 2,965 mm )
Front track63.9 – 64.9 in ( 1,624 – 1,643 mm )65.4 in ( 1,661 mm )
Rear Track64 – 65.4 in ( 1,647 – 1,663 mm )66.9 in ( 1,699 mm )

Interior Dimensions

Options Jaguar I-PaceTesla Model X
HeadroomFront39.9 in ( 10103 mm )41.7 in ( 1,059 mm )
 Rear38.1 in ( 967 mm )40.9 in ( 1,039 mm )
 ThirdN/A37.1 in ( 942 mm )
Leg RoomFront40.9 in ( 1038 mm )41.2 in ( 1,046 mm )
 Rear35.0 in ( 889 mm )38.4 in ( 975 mm )
 ThirdN/A32.7 in ( 831 mm )
Shoulder Room - Front / RearFrontNo info60.7 in ( 1,542 mm )
 Rear 56.8 in ( 1,442 mm )
 Third 40 in ( 1,016 mm )
Hip RoomFrontNo Info55.6 in ( 1,412 mm )
 Rear 59 in ( 1,498 mm )
 Third 38.5 in ( 978 mm )

Luggage Capacity / Cargo Volume

Configurations → 5 Seat6 Seat7 Seat
Jaguar I-PaceFrunk1 cu ft ( 27 L )N/AN/A
 Rear23.1 cu ft ( 656 L ) /
2nd row seats down 51 cu ft ( 1453 L )
 Total24 cu ft ( 683 L ) /
2nd row down 52 cu ft (1480 L)
Tesla Model XFrunk6.6 cu ft ( 187 L )6.6 cu ft ( 187 L )6.6 cu ft ( 187 L )
 Rear81.2 cu ft ( 2299.5 L )*70.7 cu ft ( 2002 L )*76.5 cu ft ( 2166 L )*
 Total87.8 cu ft ( 2353 L )77.3 cu ft ( 2189 L )83.1 cu ft ( 2353 L )
 * Second row seats fully forward and/or folded.

Curb Weight

VariantsJaguar I-PaceTesla Model X
1All Variants: 4867 lbs ( 2208 kg )75D: 5,185 lbs ( 2,352 kg )
2100D: 5421 lbs ( 2459 kg )
3P100D: 5483 lbs ( 2487 kg )


OptionsJaguar I-PaceTesla Model X
Front SuspensionDouble wishboneIndependent, virtual pivot double wishbone
Rear SuspensionIntegral LinkIndependent, virtual pivot double wishbone
Front brake diameter13.7 in / 350 (Ventilated)14 in / 355 mm(Vented Discs)
Rear brake diameter12.7 in / 325 (Ventilated)14.4 in / 365 mm (Vented Discs)
SpringsActive Air Suspension - standard on the 'First Edition' variant. Coil Sprins standard on other variantsSmart Air Suspension (Air Springs)
DampersContinuously-variable or passiveNo info
SteeringRack-and-pinion; electromechanicalRack-and-Pinion

Convenience / Connectivity / Tech

OptionsJaguar I-PaceTesla Model X
On-board ComputerNo Official Info On-board Supercomputer (Nvidia Drive PX2)
Head-up Display Minimizing distractions and the need to take your eyes off the road, Head-up Display is an option that presents key vehicle data such as your speed, gear position and navigation directions on the windshield.No Head-up Display
Center Screen5" Standard in lower trims and 10" in higher trim levels.17" touchscreen display
Internet connectivity4G connectivity / WiFi hotspot upto 8 devicesWi-Fi and LTE internet connectivity
RadioFM/Internet streaming radioAM, FM, and Internet streaming radio
Keyless EntryNo official infoKeyless entry and remote climate control using the Tesla app
USB / 12v portsUSB ports: 6, 12v sockets: 3Two USB ports for media and power
Power WindowsYesOne-touch power windows throughout
Power SeatsN/A12-way power adjustable, heated front seats with memory and driver profile
Rear CameraRear view parking cameraBack-Up Camera
Roof UV ProtectionYesYes
ECO ModeEnables extended range by turning off non-essential systemsN/A
Cabin Pre-ConditioningPre-heat or pre-cool I-PACE's interior using the Touchscreen or, remotely, via the smartphone app to ensure the vehicle is at your desired temperature before you enter. By pre-conditioning I-PACE while it charges, the ideal temperature is achieved without using power from the battery, preserving the vehicle's range. Smart Pre-Conditioning available via Tesla Mobile App. Also able to heat up battery during freezing temperatures
Over-the-air updates?Wireless software updates to the infotainment and vehicle systemsModel X updates its software wirelessly, providing new features throughout your term of ownership (infotainment, autopilot & safety)
Autopilot Ready?N/AYes

Warranties / Assistance

OptionsJaguar I-PaceTesla Model X
Vehicle WarrantyThree-years / 100,000km (62,137 miles)4 year, 50,000 mile (80,467 km) limited warranty
Battery Warranty8-year battery warranty limited to 160,000km (99,420 miles) and 70% state of health.8 year, infinite mile battery and drive unit warranty
Roadside AssistanceThe I-PACE is backed by Jaguar EliteCare, our coverage program including
New Vehicle Limited Warranty, Complimentary Scheduled Maintenance,
Roadside Assistance and Jaguar InControl Remote & Protect™.
Tesla Roadside Assistance is available to you, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year,
for the duration of your warranty period. (more info)


VariantsJaguar I-Pace*Tesla Model X**
1S: £52,437.50 ( $72799.51 )75D: $85,500
2SE: £57,437.50 ( $79741.06 )100D: $102,000
3HSE: £61,562.50 ( $85467.83 )P100D: $140,000
4First Edition: £67,437.50 ( $93624.16)N/A
 * I-Pace pricing is currently only revealed for the UK. Prices mentioned are withouth VAT / Taxes. We're using online conversion rates for estimates as of 03/06/2018. Go to Jaguar UK website for detailed pricing.

**Actual prices may vary. Model X pricing includes the 'Premium Upgrades Package' with the standar 5 seat configuration. Calculate price in Tesla Design Studio.

Above is the initial comparison data we could gather at this time as the I-Pace reveal happened just a few days ago, detailed data on Safety and other areas is not yet available in detail. We will be updating the page with more and more information as it becomes available in coming months.

True competitor for the I-Pace would be the Tesla Model Y and we are expecting a prototype reveal and production plans for the Model Y later this year.

Last but not the least check out the Tesla Challenge video from Jaguar below. Please share your thoughts in the comment section below or start a discussion on our EV Forums.

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