Tesla Autopilot Vision at night

Watch how Tesla Autopilot V9’s vision works at night

It’s always amazing to see how Tesla cars see, feel and process information in their outer environments — we previously covered how Tesla Autopilot V9 sees the world in the daylight but now ‘greentheonly’ has released the night time Tesla Autopilot Vision.

This time the ‘u/greentheonly‘ was able to display 7 cameras in a combined 4K resolution versus 6 cameras previously — the latest hacked Autopilot V9 vision video now also includes the ‘Backup Camera’ as well in addition to two forward-looking cameras, both pillars and both repeaters that provide a full 360° view around the vehicle.

Autopilot Vision since the V9 update is able to detect objects using 3D bounding boxes instead of 2D previously and this enables the AI software to detect trucks, cars, bikes and even pedestrians that were previously not presented on the center screen as separate objects.

The video description says:

It was shortly after rain, so the road is still wet with lots of reflections. I am somewhat surprised by how much the blinkers glare into the repeater cams.

Let’s watch how the Autopilot Vision sees the world at night and feeds data to the ginormous Tesla Neural Net:

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