Tesla Model Y Prototype in Blue Color at a Supercharger station.

Reportedly Tesla Model Y prototypes have been sent to Europe for testing and validation

According to the latest report, Tesla has sent one or more Tesla Model Y prototypes to Europe for the purpose of testing and validation, the compact electric SUV was first sent to Netherlands which hosts the American automaker’s European HQ.

The Model Y prototype is currently present in Munich, Germany and before that, it was in Tilburg Germany — a trusted friend of our website Morten Grove reports from Europe. Morten’s sources on the ground told him that Tesla’s European technical and sales staff is going under a training program using this Model Y car.

This further strengthens the leaked info by CleanTechnica a few months ago that the Model Y limited production will be starting Q1, 2020 instead of summer 2020 as stated by Tesla CEO Elon Musk in the Q3′ 2019 earnings call.

Just last month with the help of Morten we were able to leak the Gigafactory 4 announcement before Elon Musk revealed it to the world, and most of his Tesla Model 3 Europe news has proven correct in the past, so this time we strongly think the Model Y production is closer than expected, also Tesla has been busy modifying the Fremont factory floor and parking lot layout to create space for Model Y General Assembly setup.

Tesla Model Y will be the first car to go into manufacturing and production at the Gigafactory 4 Berlin instead of the Tesla Model 3 — therefore, getting acquainted with the car is very important for the Tesla employees from Europe.

Several production-intent Tesla Model Y prototypes are under testing in the United States nowadays, mostly they have been spotted in California near the Tesla HQ and at the Tesla Fremont car factory, suggesting rigorous testing for road safety, charging, and software validation — more interesting news to come, stay tuned.

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