Tesla Model Y prototype in black color spy photos outside the Tesla HQ.

Tesla Model Y in Black — paparazzied outside the Tesla HQ in Palo Alto, CA

Tesla Model Y in Black — seems like Tesla re-painted one of the two prototypes in this color, at the time of the unveiling, one was in blue and the other non-functioning one was in white, but this black beauty is getting snapped around the Tesla HQ in Palo Alto, California since last week.

Motor Trend was able to obtain a cluster of Model Y paparazzi photos yesterday from an unknown Tesla enthusiast who happened to be a neighbour of the Silicon Valley-based automaker’s corporate office.

The Tesla Model Y prototype in these photos seems to be going under software validation testing as presumably the Tesla engineer occupying the front passenger seat seems absorbed in reading the center screen, which we all know shows vital information when the display is in developer mode.

TeslaFan (YouTube) captured a few short video clips of the same black Model Y through his Tesla Model 3 dashcam and side repeater cameras in the same surroundings.

Source & Credits: Around 40 exclusive photos of the black Tesla Model Y prototype can be seen at the Motor Trend website.

Tesla is in rigorous preparations for the planned production start of the Model Y in 2020, most probably the initial production will happen at the Fremont factory — as the automaker recently filed a couple of permit applications with the City of Fremont for modifying the factory floor plan and the parking lot, in an effort to create space for Model Y production.

Also a Tesla patent for a giant unibody casting machine that creates the entire frame of a car in ‘one go’ earned approval from the US Patent Office a few months ago, if this idea becomes a reality, Model Y production will catch ludicrous speeds.

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