Tesla Cybertruck vs. Next-gen Roadster drag race imagined in a 3D rendering video.

Tesla Cybertruck vs. Roadster drag race imagined in a 3D VFX video

3D Artist Slav Popovski imagined the wildest drag race possible in the near future between two electric vehicle powerhouses in a VFX video — yes, the Tesla Cybertruck vs. the Next-gen Tesla Roadster.

Although the video is short but is very entertaining (drag races are short in real too) — the 3D design and animation skills of Mr. Papovski truly shine here on top of that, his passion for Tesla’s electric vehicles gave us this cool race to visualize on-screen, volume on for full-throttle enjoyment as the soundtrack here is just plain crazy.

Just for reference, the top-end Tri-Motor Tesla Cybertruck‘s 0-60 mph time is a whole 1 second late than the Tesla Roadster (2.9s vs. 1.9s respectively) — in reality, the gigantic Cybertruck can never beat the nimble Roadster on a dragstrip, even the Roadster’s range is 620 miles vs. the Cybertruck’s 500+ miles as Tesla advertises on the automaker’s official website.

Tesla aims to start the production and deliveries of both the Cybertruck pickup truck and Tesla Roadster next year, Tesla Roadster when produced will be the fastest production car ever made with its phenomenal 0-60 time which Tesla demonstrated in a 4-second video clip of the prototype last year.

Another artist also edited a video of Tesla Chief Designer Franz von Holzhausen leaving the Tesla Semi unveil event in the Tesla Roadster prototype with the Back To The Future VFX, and it looks damn cool to watch in a loop.

Both the Cybertruck and Tesla Roadster have been internet sensations and a focus of VFX and 3D artists worldwide, when they hit the road in the real world, these vehicles hopefully be more amazing to experience and watch. Popovski created another video of the Cybertruck and Roadster in the same metallic color, racing the city streets in the following tweet.

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