Tesla Model Y Tow Hitch option now available.

Tesla finally offers a ‘Tow Hitch’ for the Tesla Model Y electric SUV

Tesla has just started offering the ‘Tow Hitch’ option for the Model Y compact electric SUV, the option quietly started appearing in the Tesla online car configurator sometime today or late yesterday. A Tow Hitch was always touted but the automaker never admitted they were going to offer this feature for North America or even for Europe.

Tesla has put a $1,000 price tag for the Model Y Tow Hitch and the towing capacity of this Class II tow bar is rated at 3,500 lbs (~1,600 kg) — this is substantially more than the Tesla Model 3’s towing capacity of ~2,000 lbs (910 kg).

Tow hitch for the Tesla Model Y is also available for both the AWD Long Range and the Performance variants as opposed to a Tesla Model 3 Performance variant which does not get the tow hitch option, this might be due to the Model 3’s more track-oriented nature and body style, Model Y has a performance version but isn’t relatively suitable for track racing, therefore Tesla has removed the Track Mode from the Model Y.

In the start, it was expected that the Tesla Model Y will get the tow hitch only for Europe, just the like the Model 3 but this time it worked for Model Y owners in Canada and the United States, probably because of the reason that the Model Y is an SUV vs. the Tesla Model 3 being a sedan.

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Existing Tesla Model Y owners who have already taken delivery might be able to get the tow hitch installed from a Tesla Service Center near them after paying the additional cost of installation since Model Y owners in Canada haven’t started receiving their vehicles, they can call Tesla and the order will be modified easily as reported by some owners on Twitter.

Tow hitch for the Tesla Model Y will satisfy the camping and traveling bug of many owners of the electric SUV for which they were unsure till now, we previously reported a video from an early Model Y owner who dared to removed the rear diffuser cover to see if there was any setup for a tow hitch inside but we did not see much in there but the automaker has suddenly started offering this option, good luck to the ones who want or need this feature.

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