Tesla Model Y track review, rips like a rally car

Tesla Model Y Performance does not have a dedicated Track Mode like the Model 3 Performance but still, it needs to be tested briefly as we witnessed in the above video by Kyle from Out of Spec Motoring along with Brian from i1Tesla and later on detailed testing will happen for sure as the deliveries proliferate and hopefully, the COVID-19 situation slows down.

These guys testing it on a dedicated race track conclude that the ‘Tesla Model Y rips like a rally car’ — why shouldn’t it, a 0-60 mph in 3.5 secs time is slightly better than a modified racing car like a Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat — what else could someone expect from a 5-seat family SUV? Let us know that in the comments section below.

Ok, now when Kyle started driving the Model Y for the first time he felt a little difference in the steering wheel comparing it to the Tesla Model 3 one as he has extensively tested the Model 3 Performance on the same track in the near past.

One other difference the guys felt was the sound insulation has been improved in the Model Y and it is quieter inside compared to the Model 3, Tesla Raj’s test results in the following video determines that the Tesla Model Y door shut noise is also better than the 3 or to some, it would be different.

Driving at both medium and high speeds, Kyle said “Wow, I am genuinely impressed that how good the handling of this car is” — besides being larger than a Model 3, the handling capability of the Tesla Model Y on the track is notable.

To disable traction and stability controls Tesla Model Y like the other Teslas has the ‘Dyno Mode‘, although it is actually used to test the cars on a chassis dynamometer, pro drivers like Kyle are using it perform drifting on the race circuit, this shreds the tires of any car, therefore, he swapped the wheels with 18″ from the original 21″ Uberturbine ones.

End result: Yes, a Tesla Model Y can drift — just don’t try that on the public roads!

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