Tesla Model Y Performance with black wind turbine wheels spotted at the Tesla Fremont car factory, red Tesla Semi in the background.

Model Y Performance with wind turbine wheels spotted at the Tesla Fremont

And the Tesla Model Y saga continues — in the latest episode, two different variants of the Model Y in white color are seen at the Silicon Valley-based automaker’s ultra-large Fremont car factory, where actually a new assembly line for this compact electric SUV is under development.

The one seen in the above picture is the Performance variant of the Tesla Model Y, how to recognize it? The ‘DUAL MOTOR’ badge has a ‘red underline’, that is how you also identify a Model 3 Performance.

Black Wind Turbine Wheels

Also the wheels of this Tesla Model Y Performance are the ‘wind turbine’ design, one of the three original wheel design patents registered for the Model 3 but this one was never released for the production cars, only seen at the Model 3 first unveiling night and disappeared, they kept it for the Model Y, pretty impressive.

However, when checking out Tesla’s online design studio, the company is still not offering it as an option on the Performance variant when placing an order, perhaps Tesla will offer it later down the road.

As we have seen since the initial Model Y unveiling event earlier this year, Tesla has chrome deleted everything on this car, therefore these black wheels look great with the overall color scheme.

Photo Credits: @illphoto7 / Instagram

Silver Aero Wheels

The silver wheels seen in the 2nd photo above are very similar to the ‘Chinese High-Performance Aero Wheels’ as we can see in the following photo taken from the Tesla China’s Model Y online ordering page. In the recent Model Y prototype spottings these silver wheels are seen more often, most probably signaling range validation testing.

Although on the Long Range variants of the Model Y (both RWD & AWD), Tesla is offering the 18″ black aero wheels as the included option, these are same as the ones that come with the Model 3 base variants — these Chinese style aero wheels are claimed to deliver a balance between performance and range and are made to adapt to different road conditions, hence great for testing prototypes.

These wheels are currently only offered on the Model Y Performance variant in China, North American has the regular 20″ sport wheels option (V-Spoke) in silver color, things will surely change when deliveries start next year but for now, this is what Tesla has to offer.

Tesla Model Y with high performance aero wheels, offered in China, seen in the United States with prototype testing.
Tesla Model Y with high performance aero wheels, offered in China, seen in the United States with prototype testing.
Aftermarket Tesla Accessories by EVANNEX

Tesla Model Y is expected to begin production in China and the United States by summer next year as Elon Musk stated at the Tesla Q3′ Earnings Call, Model Y will also be the first vehicle to go into production at the European Gigafactory 4 Berlin, interesting couple of years for Tesla (TSLA) coming ahead.

The red Tesla Semi Truck prototype was also spotted at the Fremont factory, originally aimed to begin production in 2020 but with Tesla having a lot on the plate already, the timeline might push to 2021.

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