Tesla Model Y and Model 3 charging side-by-side at the Kettleman City Supercharger.

Tesla Model Y spotted Supercharging side-by-side with a Model 3

The story starts when SF Tesla Club captured the footage of a Tesla Model Y in front of them in  San Francisco on the Christmas Day, they chased it a for a few seconds and then it disappeared, only to be found at the Kettleman City Supercharger in California later on.

While this black Tesla Model Y was filling up electrons in its fat belly, the owner of the white Model 3 (Chris) got the chance to take a few pictures of Tesla’s compact electric SUV from behind, in the past we saw both of these cars charging side-by-side but from the front angle.

From the rear angle, this black Tesla Model Y looks better than Model 3 in my honest opinion, it’s big and has a much more distinct appearance, however, everyone has their own choice but this black beauty has won my heart.

Here’s the high-res version of one of the pictures that show us closely how a Tesla Model Y and Model 3 visually compare to each other from the rear!

Black Tesla Model Y and white Model 3 charging side-by-side at the Kettleman City Supercharger.
Black Tesla Model Y and white Model 3 charging side-by-side at the Kettleman City Supercharger (Tap/Click to load HD version and zoom functions).

Chris also took more pictures of the two cars from different angles and according to him, the width of both the Model 3 and Model Y looks similar but the height is obviously different, he mentioned this in an answer to a tweet:

Some sharp-eyed Tesla enthusiasts have spotted two different Model Y prototypes, one has the new curved trunk edge and the other one’s trunk is more angled, also looking at the following comparison pictures the curved edge prototype has a resulted in a wider opening of the trunk, this must be a design decision taken later on the prototype stage and might be the one going into production.

The other stunning white Model Y prototype recently spotted in San Luis Obispo, CA also has the new trunk design, looks like this change has also affected the rear fender from where it molds and the rear bumper design as well.

Tell us in the comments section below if you like the new curved trunk or the original design?

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