White Tesla Model Y Performance spotted in San Luis Obispo, California.

Model Y Performance, dazzling drizzle, San Luis Obispo — a stunning video

A beautiful short video of a Tesla Model Y prototype with a Dual-Motor Performance badge emerged from San Luis Obispo, California — the color combination of black window trim, black door handles, and rear tinted windows look great on the white color — drizzle is making the scene more spectacular.

The driver of the camera car was just passing by a parking lot when he saw this gorgeous Model Y electric crossover attempting to lock into a parking spot of its choosing, and he decided to return for a closer look, good decision, otherwise we wouldn’t have this viral video for our viewing pleasure.

This Model Y prototype is loaded with the silver Chinese Aero Wheels, they are not currently offered to North American customers when they order a Tesla Model Y, they were basically made for Made-in-China Tesla Model 3s.

Tesla Model Y sightings have increased in the last few months as Tesla is preparing to start production as soon as possible, although Elon Musk said ‘summer 2020’, reports suggest that it could be coming earlier than that, limited production should start happening in Q1′ 2020.

Earlier this month we learned that one or more Tesla Model Y prototype vehicles have been sent to Europe where Tesla’s technical and sales staff is getting familiar with the vehicle, since the Cybertruck is too much for European conditions and regulations, Model Y would be a perfect fit for the market.

2020 is expected to be the best year in Tesla’s history, the TSLA stock has already reached it’s highest peak at $430.38 on Friday, let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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