Tesla Model 3 and Model Y side-by-side at a Supercharger station in California.

Tesla Model Y and Model 3 visual comparison – side-by-side, morphing, more

Tesla Model Y compact SUV is the next mass-production electric vehicle from Tesla Inc. (TSLA) — with every passing day the sightings of the Model Y are increasing around the Tesla HQ highways of California.

One such picture was taken by Mario Borisov (Facebook) when a Tesla Model 3 and Tesla Model Y were pouring juice into their battery packs side-by-side at a Supercharger station in Centralia, WA, the size difference of both vehicles is very much visible from the front.

Seeing a Model Y in Washington advocates the opinion that the Model Y is now getting tested on long runs as well (more images below).

The height of the Model Y being a CUV is more than Model 3, which makes the driving position in a Model Y higher, which means better road visibility, even though the flat dash design of the Model 3 still makes for excelling visibility out the windshield.

Model Y’s additional height also suggests a deeper front trunk, also the length of the Model Y is more than the Model 3 which gives it more space at the trunk — this makes the Model Y a more practical car with 66 ft³ of max cargo space vs. the Model 3’s meager 15 ft³, the cargo space is even bigger than the Tesla Model S which has 58.1 ft³ of cargo storage volume (rear seats down).

I have created the following animated GIF with the help of Tesla online vehicle configurator images that shows a Tesla Model 3 being morphed into a Tesla Model Y — looks like the Model 3 is getting bigger and fatter.

Tesla Model 3 morphing into a Tesla Model Y for visual comparison.
Tesla Model 3 morphing into a Tesla Model Y for visual comparison.

Of course, the chrome delete on window trims, door handles, and even the side repeater emblem looks great on the Model Y, perhaps the world is now tired of the ‘chrome’ thingy, a good refreshing change by Tesla.

The following image by @TeslaForLife also gives us a good idea of the side profile visual comparison between the Model 3 and Model Y, the Model Y has larger wheels wells and on the 19″ wheels the tire profile is not as low as the Model 3.

Tesla Model 3 vs. Model Y side profile comparison.
Tesla Model 3 vs. Model Y side profile comparison.

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