Tesla Model Y spotted at a Supercharger, Model 3 seen charging in the background.

Tesla Model Y spotted in California, 3rd-row seats seen in new pic & video

More and more Tesla Model Y compact electric SUV prototypes are now seen in California as it nears the estimated production start from summer next year — one of the prototypes in blue color is photographed by multiple Tesla owners yesterday.

Tesla Model Y prototype in the latest pictures is equipped with the high-performance aero wheels which are only offered in China as of now, Model Y 18″ aero wheels are the same as the Model 3 ones offered in the United States.

The following high-res version of the above photo was captured at the Tejon Pass Tesla Supercharger by u/Rolled, we can see the entire side view profile of the Model Y in this photo, in my honest opinion, the vehicle looks good from this angle.

Tesla Model Y spotted at Tejon Pass Supercharger, California.
Tesla Model Y spotted at Tejon Pass Supercharger, California.

Most probably the same Tesla Model Y was also spotted by another Tesla owner who tweeted the pics and it has been a good discussion thread on the topic so far. Tesla is using the Model Y prototypes for testing various functionalities of the new car, the new 100 meters wiring architecture, charging speeds, software validation, etc.

Tesla Model Y Performance prototypes with ‘wind turbine wheels’ were also seen at the company’s Fremont car factory last month, suggesting that Tesla is extensively testing all the variants they are offering right now.

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Model Y 3rd row seats

Tesla Model Y’s 3rd row seats are rarely seen, looks like not many people at the unveiling event paid attention to them and took photographs, although Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced that the car will have an optional 7-seat interior available (Tesla is offering it for an additional $3,000 dollars via their online car configurator).

Just today we came to knwo that Trevor Page from Tesla Owners Online was able to take a picture and a small video clip of the 3rd row seats he posted on twitter.

Tesla Model Y third-row seat sure looks small but might come in handy for seating small kids in the back around 6-12-year-olds, adults might have a hard time finding comfort with the posture they will have to sit in, definitely not for adults or tall people on long journeys.

Also, the headrest of the 3rd-row seat seems to be able to toggle in and out as needed, a handy feature — these are also the first-ever prototype ones, they might improve or change in production versions, we will have to wait another half a year, so stay tuned.

Update: Two more photos of the Tesla Model Y 3rd row had been posted to the Tesla Subreddit a while ago we just found out about them, the prototype’s seat has 2 cup holders but the legroom or space for the knees for adults is too low looking from the top angle in these pictures below.

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