Mattel Hot Wheels remote-controlled Cybertruck is already sold out.

Hot Wheels remote-controlled Cybertuck is already ‘sold out’

Just days after Mattel introduced the Hot Wheels 1:10 remote-controlled Cybertruck, the entire limited-edition production is ‘sold out’ via pre-orders placed online — the $400 RC Cybertruck shipments are scheduled to start in December this year.

But all hope is not lost, Mattel has a waiting list for the ones who were not able to place their order for the highly desired RC Cybertruck by Tesla fans, enthusiasts, reservation holders, and potential owners of the real Tesla Cybertruck.

In response to an article from our friends over at Teslarati (tweet below), Tesla CEO Elon Musk said that he had no idea that this toy had existed, this shows that Elon Musk is not micromanaging everything at Tesla, the team over at the HQ is very much independent in making decisions that do not require the CEO’s precious time and attention, he’s most probably more busy in preparing to fulfill the 500,000+ pre-orders of the Cybertruck.

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Behind the Scenes: Hot Wheels Cybertruck Development

Yes, it was Tesla Design Chief Franz von Holzhausen instead of Elon Musk behind this idea, Mattel’s design team collaborated with Tesla Design team at the Tesla Design Center in Hawthorne, California as we can see in the above photos, the multinational toy manufacturing company shared the story on as:

Powerhouses of Horsepower

Hot Wheels® VP of Design, Ted Wu (left), and seasoned Hot Wheels® designer, Gerry Cody (second from right), meet Cybertruck Chief Designer, Franz von Holzhausen (second from left).

Studying the Source

Hot Wheels® Designers studied the life-size Cybertruck from every angle to capture every major innovation in every minor detail of the 1:64 scale R/C.

Frame by Frame

Three-dimensional prints of the Cybertruck’s unique frame were generated at multiple scales to ensure the accuracy and integrity of the revolutionary exoskeleton.

 Detail In the Driver’s Seat

Details don’t stop with the exterior, the Hot Wheels® Design team took cues from the spacious interior and glass-covered, peaked roof to recreate the Cybertuck’s magic inside and out.

Performance at Every Size

Both scale R/C vehicles faithfully replicate their life-size inspiration with blazing speeds via Sport Mode and rechargeable batteries. Now, anybody can get “behind the wheel” of the Truck of the Future.

The RC Cybertruck from Mattel is available in 2 sizes 1:10 and 1:64, the latter one is still available to book online with the price tag of $20 only — interestingly the larger version of the toy comes with optional removable ‘Cybertruck broken glass decals’ to commemorate the iconic moment when the Cybertruck armored glass broke in front of the entire world — Tesla has the guts to face their failures.

CNET tested and reported the prototype remote-controlled Cybertruck models, according to them the 1:10 Cybertruck top speed is 25 mph (40 km/h), which is crazy fast as we can witness in the video below.

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