Elon Musk talking to the crowd after Tesla Armor Glass broke in the live test.

Here’s why the Tesla Cybertruck armored glass broke at the unveil

Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s Cybertruck tweetstorm is coming every few hours and in a frenzy, a follower asked him if the shattering of the Tela armored glass on the Cybertruck was planned to make it to the top stories and headlines next morning? Musk said ‘NO’.

Elon Musk said they actually tested the armored glass several times before the presentation with the same steel ball and there was not a single scratch on the glass, he tweeted about the pre-launch testing and also shared a video where Tesla Chief Designs Franz von Holzhausen tested the Cybertruck glass successfully:

Update: According to Elon Musk’s latest statement, they made a mistake in the sequence of the presentation at the event, they should have tested the window durability first and test the body toughness with the sledgehammer next, he tweeted:

The shattering of the Cybertruck glass took over the internet and mainstream media by storm yesterday, actually, the windows broke because of the repeated strikes they took backstage before the actual live test took place. A more scientific explanation is provided by an expert in the same twitter discussion thread by an Elon follower and experienced in armored vehicles and related stuff.

The important thing is that the ball still was not able to penetrate the window, in a normal truck or car, a steel ball of that much weight would have gone through the glass in the first attempt and with that much force.

Important to remember is that this is the same ballistic glass used in the SpaceX shuttles, so it is reliable, Elon and the team learned it the hard way, maybe it was time constraint or missed Physics lessons.

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Tesla Cybertruck unibody structure (exoskeleton as per Elon Musk).
Tesla Cybertruck unibody structure (exoskeleton as per Elon Musk).

Tesla Cybertruck’s Unibody Design (Exoskeleton)

A few months back a Tesla patent was revealed that showed a giant unibody casting machine used to cast a car’s body and frame in a single go, everyone thought that Tesla will use this new technology for the Model Y compact SUV but it was actually intended for the Cybertruck.

As we can see in the above picture and from Elon Musk’s comments, the toughness of the Tesla Cybertruck lies in its unibody design which the Tesla CEO likes to call an ‘exoskeleton’, that’s right, a touch of Blade Runnersque’ terminology is needed to pitch to generation z and he did that pretty successfully.

A stainless steel body that can take sledgehammer hits without a dent coupled with impenetrable glass windows can withstand normal car accidents easily with minimal damage to the occupants and the vehicle, which should result in acquiring an easy and affordable insurance policy.

Despite the polarizing views about the Cybertruck, people are constantly reporting on social media that they have ordered one for themselves, sounds insane but a reality, most are saying it is growing on them.

Did the design grow on you? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  • Dennis Mann
    Posted at 05:02h, 28 November Reply

    I will say it does have to grow on you and it does. It will not replace all Pickup trucks but it will fill that need for speed, reliability,and no carbon footprint ( at least from a tail pipe )

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