Tesla Model Y front trunk lid open (closeup picture below).

Tesla Model Y photo gallery shows the huge trunk and frunk cargo space of the electric SUV

Being a crossover midsize SUV, Tesla Model Y has several advantages over the Tesla Model 3 sedan built on the same platform and sharing many parts together — the first and foremost benefit of the Model Y is its practicality, it has huge storage space in the front and back, with the 5-seat configuration Model Y has 66 cu ft vs. Model 3’s 15 cu ft of cargo capacity.

Now since deliveries have started happening for the Model Y, several photos of the vehicle’s frunk (front trunk) and trunk were posted online by a Redditor named ‘eweaver1983’ (photo gallery below/posted with express written permission) — Tesla Model Y‘s cargo space in the front and rear fulfills the needs of an average American household.

Although previously we saw some detailed interior pictures of the Model Y but they lacked the frunk and trunk space photos, also the center console trim was hidden due to the vehicles being in transit, now we can see it all.

Tesla Model Y Frunk

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Not only the Model Y frunk is wider but it is also deeper compared to the Model 3 front trunk because of the Model Y’s significant additional overall height — some extra shopping bags to fit in there is always good.

The above photos also suggest a better production quality compared to the early production Model 3s facing several quality issues including the infamous panel gaps — Model Y fit and finish seems stellar, Model 3 production hell experience is coming handy for Tesla (TSLA).

Tesla Model Y Trunk and 2nd-Row Seats Down

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That trunk space is huge — Tesla Model Y in 5-seat configuration (without the 3rd-row seats) offers maximum storage capacity — as we can see in the above photos the 2nd-row seats can be folded down completely to convert the trunk to a large flatbed luggage compartment.

Again due to the vehicle’s height advantage (64 in or 1,624 mm) creates the depth in both the front and rear trunk spaces, utilizing this extra space Tesla has set up a hidden storage area under the rear trunk’s tray, when the tray is removed, this space can be accessed — in traditional vehicles, this would have been a place to store the spare wheel but Teslas come with an emergency tire repair kit only and that is rarely needed in day to day city commutes.

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