What's under the Model 3 frunk? Let's check out in these pics.

See what’s under the ‘frunk’ of a Tesla Model 3

What is under the ‘frunk (front-trunk)’ of a Tesla Model 3? The mystery is solved in the following photos taken by the owners during the visit of the Tesla Mobile Service appointment for a small fix.

The owners of this Model 3 in just 2 months of getting the delivery have driven the car over 5,000 miles (8,000+ km) just because of the please of driving a Tesla, according to them it is way better than any ICE vehicle they have owned in the past — actually the Dodge in their garage you see in the following tweet is already up for sale, creating space for another Tesla.

Other Tesla owners from the state of Arizona have also reported a more than satisfactory experience using the Tesla Mobile Services, as soon as this idea is implemented globally Tesla will have another edge over the competing automakers.

To lubricate the steering column, technicians needed to remove the frunk cover-case and the owners took a couple of pictures to unveil what it looks like under the frunk, the excellent engineering and design of Tesla — although there is no engine inside, there is still much happening here.

Photos by @vandyish / Twitter

We can see the heating and air conditioning components as well as the 12v battery that is used to powers the media control unit (MCU/Infotainment and Navigation), all the lights, and in case of a total disconnect or drain of the main battery it is used to power critical components of the car, the use of the 12v lead acid battery is explained in-depth by TeslaTap, a worthy read for every Tesla owner.

The use of the 12v battery in Tesla vehicles however is expected to go obsolete after the recent approval of the new revolutionary Tesla wiring harness patent.

The term ‘frunk’ is another Tesla innovation that has created its place in the dictionary, a convenient luggage storage space located at the front of the vehicle, unimaginable in an internal combustion engine car (no space and a lot of heat), electric vehicles from other automakers also have the frunk space but they don’t seem to have been able to use it optimally yet, like the Audi e-tron SUV, it’s very small.

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