Tesla Model Y detailed review.

Tesla Model Y first impressions and detailed review by the YouTubers

As the number of Tesla Model Y deliveries is increasing each day in the United States, notable YouTubers are not letting go of the chance to present their first impressions or review the latest midsize electric SUV — one of the first was Tesla Raj who took maximum possible measurements with a tape measure on his first-ever Model Y encounter.

OCDetailing, a car detailing shop in the Bay Area just got their hands on the Tesla Model Y Performance and expressed their thoughts in the following video — almost in every first impressions and review video, everyone thinks that the Model Y looks like a Model X as you move your eyes towards the rear end of the car, from the front obviously like a Tesla Model 3.

From the OCDetailing’s point of view, the black plastic trim covering the wheel wells on the Model Y enhances the view of the wheels and also gives a lot of space for modified car enthusiasts to play with the space this area offers if removed, also according to the shop, the gap between the wheel+tire and the wheel arches is better optimized on the Model Y Performance variant compared to the Model 3 Performance which has a larger vacant space in between, and looks a bit too much, says OCDetailing — here’s their first-impressions video.

Tesla Model Y with its bulging personality compared to the Model 3 looks great in blue color, and this might have been a reason that Tesla always promoted the car in this color in their marketing material and even on the unveiling day last year  — it also looks cool in Midnight Silver Metallic (gray) too but not as much as the blue, however, that’s my personal opinion and the beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Throttle House which is a larger YouTube channel for motoring enthusiasts, also got their hands on a brand new Tesla Model Y Performance with the Performance Upgrade Package (PUP) that offers the 21 in Uberturbine wheels, red brake calipers, 0-60 mph in just 3.5 seconds, and more performance-related stuff for the cost of 36 miles of range, other than that this package is free of cost, and by the looks of early deliveries around the social media sphere, most people are opting for this package, 280 vs. 316 miles is not a huge drawback.

According to Throttle House’s review host, James even had the royalty to take the Model Y Performance for a test drive in California and he was amazed by the driving experience when he compared it to other the more nimble Tesla Model 3 that has a better road grip but still due to the optimal center of gravity (thanks to the heavy battery pack in the car’s floor) it sticks to the road even better than a Merc GLC63 and Lamborghini Urus.

James took the Model Y Performance to the scenic Canyon roads in California and that gave the video a great effect, like watching Top Gear in the old times but a lot cleaner and free of noise pollution from the internal combustion engine.

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