OEM Tesla Model 3 air filter now available from the Tesla online store.

OEM Model 3 Air Filter is now available from the Tesla online store

Tesla has finally made an important Model 3 part available in their online shop — the OEM Tesla Model 3 Cabin Air Filter — while you need 2 of these to complete the replacement, Tesla is offering them separately for $17 each, just-in-case an owner only needs a single filter to replace a damaged or malfunctioning one at his/her disposal.

Although the OEM Tesla Model 3 air filters are not at par with the Model S and Model X high-efficiency particulate matter (HEPA) ones that enable these high-end Tesla cars with the Bioweapon Defense Mode, still they can block a lot of pollution from entering the car’s cabin.

Aftermarket HEPA air filters for the Tesla Model 3 are available online for around $100 a pair but if owners think that they don’t need the extra protection, they can buy the OEM cabin air filters for the Model 3 from Tesla’s online store here.

Last year we posted a video of how to replace your Tesla Model 3 cabin air filters and install the HEPA filters, and now we have updated the article with step-by-step instructions and an animated GIF from Tesla to further give you guidance on doing it yourself.

OEM Tesla Model 3 air filter now available from the Tesla online store (alternate view).
OEM Tesla Model 3 air filter now available from the Tesla online store (alternate view).

Tesla CEO Elon Musk recommends the following as the best practice to unlock the full potential of the stock Tesla Model 3 air filters:

Set airflow to recirculating mode & manually raise blower speed to 5 in Model 3 for best air quality. Air filters are smaller than S/X, so clear air is achieved by circulating through filter several times.

Tesla suggests that the owners should replace them at least every two years ($34 every two years is a very low maintenance cost, only $1.4 per month for clean air inside your Tesla Model 3), the following official description of the replacement Model 3 cabin air filters lists the type of particles and air pollutants the OEM filters protect against:

Replace your Model 3 cabin air filters to prevent pollen, industrial fallout, road dust, and other particles from entering the cabin through the vents. Tesla recommends replacing these filters every two years. For detailed instructions, follow this easy step-by-step guide.

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