Tesla Gigafactory 1 concept aerial view.

Elon Musk runs a poll for ‘Gigafactory Texas’, Trump had hinted a big Tesla plant is coming

Elon Musk has been saying in the past that there will be more Gigafactories built in the United States but there has been no official indication of the next location for quite a while now, just last night Tesla CEO started a Twitter poll titled ‘Giga Texas?’ So far 80% votes are in favor of building the next Gigafactory in Texas out of 250+ votes casted.

This clearly means that the next US Gigafactory will be built in Texas, at the World Economic Forum in Davos last month, United States President Donald Trump while talking to the CNBC hinted that a big new Tesla plant is going to built in the country by Elon Musk but no one had a clue which one he is talking about.

Yes, Trump was talking about Gigafactory 5 that would be built in Texas, according to the Trump he had just talked to Elon Musk before going to Davos, and he was well aware of the next Gigafactory location but used the words cautiously.

Donald Trump also praised Elon Musk for his genius ideas, he was especially impressed with how SpaceX was able to do things that were never achieved before like landing the rocket boosters back on the earth’s surface after launching satellites into orbit.

Some of our friends and Elon Musk followers on Twitter have very strong points on why Tesla CEO is willing to build the next Gigafactory in Texas, we agree to @SteveHamel16 on that it would be very convenient for both Tesla and SpaceX to source the 30X Cold Rolled Stainless Steel for the rockets and the Cybertruck, this is pure business genius.

Also, Texas has some other benefits that will facilitate Tesla in expanding and growing the business, also being a large central state, it gives access to many new markets Tesla has yet to penetrate properly.

Tesla already has 3 plants in the United States, the car factory and HQ in Fremont California, cell and battery pack factory in Nevada known as Gigafactory 1 and the 3rd is the solar factory in New York called the Gigafactory 2.

Two other locations are Gigafactory 3 in Shanghai, China and Gigafactory 4 in Berlin, Germany for which the work has just started last month.

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