Tesla Model 3 cars as 'employee of the year' awarded by some companies in China.

Tesla Model 3 cars awarded to ’employees of the year’ by some Chinese companies

Some employers in China were able to conceive the best idea on how to reward their best and hard-working employees — yes, they just handed over a Tesla Model 3 to each ’employee of the year’ — to most of the world, this is just surprising, does not happen so often.

Tesla enthusiast and influencer Vincent posted a couple of pictures of these Made-in-China Tesla Model 3 electric cars that the employers had readied as gifts to the best performing staff at their corporation, it must have been a super exciting experience for the fortunate ones and a motivation for others for the next year.

As the Chinese year ends today, Tesla CEO Elon Musk also wished the Chinese New Year on behalf of Tesla, the new year card he posted on his Twitter account has S3XY written over the Mandarin letters — just earlier this month he officially started deliveries of China-made Model 3 with a dance of his own.

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The animated GIF under Vincent’s tweet exactly interprets the emotions of these fortuitous employees in these corporations, hopefully, some companies around the world especially in North American and Europe follow the example and reward their talent with Teslas, this also helps spread the awareness for a sustainable future and lower the carbon footprint.

In the latest video footage from Gigafactory Shanghai, we can see the amazing manufacturing of Tesla Model 3 cars, the following two videos show us the stamping process going on inside this giant production facility that was just built within a year from a muddy ground to production and deliveries, Chinese workforce is just amazing!

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