Our co-author Ian Pavelko shows us the how big the Tesla Cybertruck is.

Tesla Cybertruck first impressions, reactions = polarizing (very very polarizing)

Tesla Cybertruck unveil last night has divided the entire world into two segments, the ones who love the design of the truck and ones who think it’s a total failure on part of Tesla and Elon Musk, there seems to be no middle ground on this.

The Cybertruck’s exterior design is very polarizing, very very actually, Let’s see what existing Tesla community and trucking enthusiasts have to say about the latest Tesla innovation, has Elon Musk gone too far this time? He had said in the past that the Tesla pickup truck won’t fit everyone’s taste, he was right.

As we said our co-author Ian Pavelko is going to be at the Cybertruck unveiling, he is one of the guys who actually like the machine, he took the above picture with the Cybertruck to show us the sheer size of this thing — too big and that’s a great thing as it gives the owners 100 ft³ of cargo capacity.

Tesla Cybertruck design is polarizing to the extreme.
Tesla Cybertruck design is polarizing to the extreme.

First Impression Videos

Some influential YouTubers were also invited at the Cybertruck unveiling event, guests were also given a short test ride in the vehicle with Tesla’s own driver in the driving seat as is the norm at such Tesla events, found Andy Sly’s initial review one of the most balanced ones, let’s listen to him.

Our friends from Teslarati also got a test ride and they recorded the video that shows the interior and center touchscreen of the Tesla Cybertruck, the steering wheel is as minimalistic as it can be, hopefully, the production version will be much more practical and gets regulatory approvals easily.

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Cybertruck Reactions

The polarizing design of the Tesla Cybertruck has jolted the internet with some help from the Tesla Armored Glass testing fail by both Tesla chiefs, Cybertruck made it to the top stories on CNN and other mainstream media outlets this morning.

You can hate the Cybertruck but the reality is many people are making the reservations, what’s there to lose with a $100 fully refundable for a product that is 1-2 years down the line, obviously this is not for the light-hearted, it is for the ones who dare to be different, off-roading, camping and exploring tough terrains, this is built-tough for the tough.

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Video: Cybertruck Unveil Rewind and Review

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