F-150 owner challenges the Model X P100D for a tug-of-war challenge and loses, says will buy the Cybertruck.

F-150 owner wants a Cybertruck after losing tug-of-war match with a Tesla Model X

Tesla CEO Elon Musk just retweeted a video of a Ford F-150 and Tesla Model X P100D competing in a tug-of-war match, the result would be unexpected for many large pickup truck owners — yes, the Tesla Model X won the competition, F-150 tires were burnt.

As the smell of burning rubber dispersed in the air, the owner of the Ford F-150 admitted his defeat and said that he wants a ‘Cybertruck‘! Just before that he was being so overconfident that he could definitely beat the comparatively smaller looking Model X.

The owner of the F-150 pickup truck in his arrogance even said to tweet this video to Elon Musk (before his defeat), and someone did that, the result? Lots of more free press for Tesla and the Cybertruck (see full YouTube extended version below).

The Cybertruck vs. F-150 feud started when last month Elon Musk posted a video of Tesla Cybertruck pulling a Ford F-150 uphill in a tug-of-war match, this was the same video that he showed at the Cybertruck launch presentation as well.

The argument was further fueled by a Ford X VP when he tweeted at Elon Musk and asked for a ‘fair’ re-match, an apples-to-apples comparison (still not sure what he meant by that actually, Cybertruck was an orange?).

However, Elon Musk almost instantly accepted the challenge and said ‘bring it on’, the rest is history, Ford had to officially release a statement to trackback from their VP’s argument on Twitter, Ford knew they would never win over the Cybertruck’s powerful dual-motor electric powertrain.

Towing capacity of the Tesla Model X is 5,000 lbs as officially stated but we have seen it pulling a Chevrolet Silverado pickup truck out of a Supercharger station which was wrongfully occupying a charging stall to block Tesla cars from charging, commonly referred to as ‘ICE-ing’.

We have also seen Tesla Model X towing semi-trucks in snowy conditions and pulling 250,000 lbs muck rail cars out of the Boring Company’s tunnel, imagine what would the Tesla Cybertruck be able to tow with the minimum rated towing capacity of 7,500 lbs for the single motor RWD variant — 10,000 lbs for Dual Motor AWD and 14,000 lbs for Tri-Motor AWD versions.

Tesla Cybertruck will be demonstrating a lot when it comes to towing as time goes by and the production starts late 2021, Tesla will surely try to crush the competition with some insane stunts that will go viral and shock the entire world, we just need to wait and see.

Not to forget that Elon Musk tweeted that the Cybertruck will have a 300,000 lbs towing capacity, way before the unveil, if a 5,000 lbs rated Model X can tow 250k lbs max — 14,000 lbs rated Cybertruck will be able to do much better than that.

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