Cybertruck time machine's 88 mph run towards Doc Brown and Marty McFly.

Tesla Cybertruck as the time machine in Back To The Future (VFX Video)

Movie ‘Back To The Future’ and Tesla have a strong connection — Tesla cars and the time machine phenomenon have previously been portrayed in fan-made videos and how could the most contemporary pickup truck ever made, could have stayed out of the loop? Yes, a new fun and interesting Cybertruck VFX video show it reaching 88 mph and disappearing into the future while Doc Brown tests his new invention with Marty McFly.

The Cybertruck Time Machine video clip is excellently executed by — a VFX shop from Ontario, Canada — they have created other good commercials an CGI videos, but the Cybertruck fused with Back To The Future is our top pick.

Another interesting thing the creators of this video added at the end is the ‘LOL GAS’ license plate that is left when the Cybertruck disappears and leaves the fire trails through the legs of the Doc and Marty, in reality traditional car manufacturers are struggling hard to keep up and that plate resonates Tesla vs. them in today’s scenario.

Doc Brown's smile after successfully testing the Cybertruck Time Machine 'LOL GAS'.

Doc Brown’s smile after successfully testing the Cybertruck Time Machine ‘LOL GAS’ (Illustration by: Ivan Kalinin)

Since its launch in November, Tesla’s Cybertruck has been one of the most talked-about vehicles in recent history, it has been called ‘the polarizer’ for dividing the opinion of the world so clearly that there is no gray area left in between, either you love it or hate it.

Inspired from the same movie, last year Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced that an optional SpaceX package for the Next-gen Tesla Roadster will be offered to customers, enabling the car to hover like the flying DeLorean — the Cybertuck and DeLorean also have one thing in common, the stainless steel body, yeah!

Another VFX artist visualized the Tesla Roadster’s extreme acceleration in the signature Back To The Future style by editing the video of the Tesla Chief Designer Franz von Holzhausen leaving the Tesla Semi & Roadster reveal evening in the Roadster prototype, just amazing to watch in a loop.

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