Tesla Model 3 tow hitch now available for Europe and United Kingdom.

Tesla launches Model 3 Tow Hitch for Europe and UK customers

Good news for potential Tesla Model 3 customers in Europe and the United Kingdom as the ‘Model 3 tow hitch’ is now available on the Tesla online ordering website. The price for the Tesla Model 3 tow hitch is €1,060 for Europe and £970 for the UK.

Tesla’s Model 3 ordering page states that this is a “High strength steel tow bar with a removable adapter. Capable of towing up to 910 kgs”, the max towing weight of 910 kgs might look a bit low in comparison with Model X or SUV standards but this is a compact sedan now able to attract ardent travelers and campers.

Since mini camper trailers that have a max weight of 750 kgs are available on the internet, the Model 3 tow hitch option does not disappoint.

The Model 3 ordering page has a little bit more information for the European regions that says “Software actively monitors trailer movements and adjusts wheel braking as needed”, Tesla did not add this information to the UK Model 3 order page.

Tesla Model 3 tow bar option is only available for new orders placed, Model 3s already delivered to European customers cannot be retrofitted with the tow hitch due to EU Regulations, Model 3s not yet shipped to Europe and are still at the Tesla Fremont Factory might be able to get the option by contacting Tesla or by logging in to your Tesla account.

Since the Right-Hand-Drive Tesla Model 3 orders just recently opened for the Tesla customers in the United Kingdom and deliveries are due in June, the Brits might have a better chance of editing their orders and getting the Model 3 tow bar.

Not only the existing Model 3 owners from Europe would be upset about not being able to get an OEM tow bar for their car, but the Model 3 tow hitch is also not yet available for Tesla customers in the United States and Canada.

Bjørn Nyland has more insights about the Model 3 trailer hitch in his latest video below as he has extensive experience using his Tesla Model X (aka Optimus Prime) with a trailer for camping and Nimber trips.

Not all is lost for existing Tesla Model 3 owners in Europe as they can always get a third-party tow bar for their car but first should check the legal and regulatory requirements to comply with the rules.

Video: Model 3 gets trailer hitch in Europe

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