Tesla Model Y images appear in the Tesla Mobile App.

Model Y images appear in the latest Tesla Mobile App update

When a Tesla owner with a tech background found out the latest version of the Tesla Android App was available around a week ago, he just looked at its source using the Android Package Kit (APK) and voila! — what he found was new pictures of the Tesla Model Y added to the app, this is in anticipation of the expected start of deliveries by mid of this month.

These Tesla Model Y images are basically 3D renders of the compact electric SUV which the Silicon Valley-based automaker has brought to the production and deliveries stage way ahead of time, compared to the past, very surprising yet interesting.

Tesla subreddit user matt687 posted the following comment on how he discovered the new Model Y images in the latest version of the Tesla App for Android:

A new Tesla app version released on Android a week or so ago and looks like it just released today on iOS. I took a quick look at the Android APK for this new version 3.10.4-396 and it looks like it contains a bunch of Model Y resources compared to the previous app version 3.10.3-390. No changes to API endpoints so no new features from what I can tell. There are more resources like the doors, charge port, other wheels, etc. which is less interesting than the body and top view. (Wowwww)

Model Y image in Tesla Mobile App - Aerial view.
Model Y image in Tesla Mobile App - Aerial view - Credits: u/matt687.

Looking closely at the photo showing the trunk of the Model Y we can see that a privacy cover for the luggage area is visible, perhaps it is retractable as in most hatchbacks and SUVs these days, a good add-on that also saves the compartment’s stuff safe from direct sunlight and heat.

Tesla owner’s phone with the Tesla Mobile App works like remote-control for the car, especially when it is used to perform Smart Summon (calling the car to yourself autonomously) — other features include pre-heating or pre-cooling the cabin, unlocking the car, be alerted in case of a Sentry Mode event and much more.

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