Tesla Model S and Model X Supercharging together.

Tesla discontinues Model S and Model X ‘standard’ variants, compare new vs. old prices

Yesterday Tesla has shaken up their entire pricing structure for the entire production vehicle lineup, in addition to Tesla Model 3 price drops, the Tesla Model S and Model X also went through some significant changes — the Tesla Model S and X’s ‘Standard’ version i.e. 85 kWh/85D is now discontinued.

The only variants of the Tesla Model S and Model X left now are the All-Wheel-Drive Long Range and the AWD Performance, both having the 100 kWh battery pack call 100D and P100D respectively — previously, the P100D had the ‘Ludicrous Mode’ update available separately for $20,000 for acceleration freaks, it’s now ‘free’ with both of Tesla’s premium EVs.

With the Ludicrous Mode update, Tesla Model S holds the crown for the ‘quickest production car ever made (0-60 mph in 2.5 secs)‘ and the Tesla Model X is able to go from 0-60 mph in just 2.9 secs that enables it to challenge the likes of Jeep Trackhawk, Lamborghini Urus and Ferrari 612 Superfast on the drag strip.

Like the Model 3, Pearl White Multi-Coat has become the ‘standard’ color for both Model S and Model X, the price for the Solid Black color is now $1,000 for both cars.

So counting the $20k Ludicrous acceleration update as almost ‘free’, the Model S and X prices have gone down significantly, especially for the ‘Performance’ variants (check out the New vs. Previous prices in the following Table 1.1 and 1.2).

Table 1.1: Tesla Model S prices before and after 07/15/2019

VariantPrice BeforePrice After
Model S Standard (85 kWh)$75,000Discontinued
Model S Long Range AWD (100 kWh)$85,000$79,990
Model S Performance (100 kWh)$96,000Discontinued
Model S Performance + Ludicrous (100 kWh)$116,000$99,990

Table 1.2: Tesla Model X prices before and after 07/15/2019

VariantPrice BeforePrice After
Model X Standard (85 kWh)$81,000Discontinued
Model X Long Range AWD (100 kWh)$91,000$84,990
Model X Performance (100 kWh)$102,000Discontinued
Model X Performance + Ludicrous (100 kWh)$122,000$104,990

Moble Users: Tap+hold and scroll table left-right or rotate device horizontally for a better view of the tables.

In addition to lowering the prices for customers, Tesla has made its life easier by simplifying the selection of variants for the Model S and X, this also enables the automaker to further streamline the production process for these two vehicles.

Tesla Model S/X production and deliveries have slowed down compared to the last year (report till Q1, 2019) — the data Tesla have gathered internally for the demand of certain high-end variants may have been a reason for the removal of the Standard (85 kWh) variant for both vehicles.

However, compared to Q1, 2019, the production and deliveries of the Tesla Model S/X have actually gained some momentum, while the demand for Model 3 has skyrocketed as the global deliveries started late Q1 2019.

Model S and Model X Q1,2019 production/deliveries: 14,163/12,091 (source: Tesla Inc.) — Model S and Model X Q2,2019 production/deliveries: 14,517/17,650 (source: Tesla Inc.).

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