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Tesla is NOT the best car I’ve owned, the true story of a Model X owner of two weeks

Two weeks into the ownership of his new black Tesla Model X P100DL, the owner shares a compelling story about his experience owning a Tesla, he says “2 weeks with my first Tesla (MX): NOT the best car I’ve owned” (read the full story below).

This true story reflects on the experiences of a hardworking man who’s car life started by owning a humble Ford Escort Estate and stepping up the ladder to an Audi S5 before buying the Tesla Model X — stretching your budget from a £30,000 car to a £80,000+ SUV brings a lot of expectations with the purchase, same happened to this new Tesla owner as well.

The Reddit user ‘u/Peace_Is_Coming‘ was brave enough to post his story in the Tesla Subreddit, which is notorious for downvoting any negative Tesla news or story, this sub swarms with Tesla fanboys and people who are committed to Tesla’s mission of bringing sustainable transportation to the entire world, but something interesting happened, let’s read his captivating story of becoming the 1st time Tesla owner and how he feels about it in his own words!

Every car I’ve owned since my £220 ford escort estate right up to my £30,000 Audi S5 convertible has been in several ways better and a lovely evolution of my car experiences. Faster, more comfortable, better tech, better build quality. Every car has been a better car in some way. I work extremely, save up, and get the rewards with a better car.

I was expecting the same with Tesla. I was wrong.

Had I got the Jaguar F-PACE SVR (or Porsche Cayenne Turbo) that I wanted to get instead, it would almost certainly be a better car in many ways, just like my previous upgrades. Tesla, however, is not a better car. It is totally demeaning to suggest so. Yes, it’s better, but it’s not in the same league as “a car”. Yes ok it has wheels and you can drive it around like you do a car, but other than that the experience is something completely different. Yes it’s (MUCH) faster, yes it’s nice inside but… that’s really it. It doesn’t drive like a car, it doesn’t act like a car.

I wake in the morning, open the app and remind myself where I parked it, I check to see that it has been updated and what new features it has, I check to see how much is “in the tank” and then I check the temperature and if too hot or cold I ask it to prepare the temperature for me as I shower. I walk to the thing and the door opens for me and I sit in, it closes. A huge glorious screen reminds me what meetings I have on for the day as the seats and steering wheel jiggle me into my favorite driving position. I talk to it and it brings up a load of music I want it played. I tell it where I want to go and the glorious screen gives me a load of options I can either call or just drive to. I then start driving. Without having to turn the thing on by pressing a button or inserting a key. It just drives. But driving is an unfair description in this case – it doesn’t drive the way I know it, it kind of glides. I sit there in silence as I glide around effortlessly. A grunting muscle-car revs his dinosaur at me at the lights and within seconds he’s a spec in my rear mirror as I glide away at what should be terrifying speeds in a car, but feels like teleportation in this thing. The throttle isn’t a throttle it’s a teleportation pedal. Press it and you get instant torque and are where you want to be in soothing silence. Before I know it I’m on a slightly wider road (no not a motorway, just a simple A or B road) and I flick autopilot and I’m just sitting there looking around at the scenery as it twists and turns and take me through traffic. I flick through radio stations and discover new music in the meantime. I get to my destination, glide into my space, get out the car and the doors just all close and it locks itself up. [this isn’t made up this is all a daily actual experience]

For anyone who doesn’t have a Tesla this all seems like an exaggeration of little perks, but it’s not, it’s basically all amounts to a completely different experience.

This is not a car, it feels like some sort of UFO type thing. Some sort of robot beast you sit in that happens to have wheels and use them on the roads. Drives don’t feel like drives they feel like robot teleportation experiences. They are so much more relaxing, and when I want it to be, they’re sooo much more fun too, like when I humiliated a Jaguar F-Type on windy roads on Saturday.

This is why this feels NOTHING like my previous experiences of just getting a better car. This thing is no more a car than the best smartphone is an old wired-in landline telephone. An iPhone bears the name phone but in truth, it’s a palm-sized portable PC and camera that can also make calls. I’ve left cars behind. This is a technological beast or “robot” as my daughter calls it, that has wheels, moves on the road in a majestic way and resembles what we used to call cars. I’ve not got a better car, I’ve now got a Tesla.

Welcome to the future! 🙂

Source: Tesla Subreddit via u/Peace_Is_Coming (posted with express written permission).

Gotcha Tesla Shorts! an inspiring story of a new Tesla owner coming from the world of internal combustion engine (ICE), by getting 2.3k+ upvotes, hundreds of comments, 3 gold and 3 silver awards on Reddit, this is a fine post that represents the sentiments of the majority of new Tesla owners be it the Model 3, Model S or Model X.

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