Tesla Model 3 price drop, Pearl White Multi-Coat becomes standard color.

Tesla drops Model 3 prices, Pearl White Multi-Coat becomes the ‘standard’ color, the UK gets Long Range variant

Just a few hours ago Tesla has updated the pricing of their entire vehicle lineup, Tesla Model 3 prices have decreased significantly, all the Model 3 variants get a price cut starting from -$910 on the Standard Range Plus to -$4910 on the Performance version.

As last month Elon Musk announced that a ‘Simple White’ will become the standard color instead of the included Solid Black — it is not the simple white that has become standard but it is the ‘Pearl White Mult-Coat’ that was previously a $1,500 option.

This looks like a good chance for white color lovers that want to buy a Tesla Model 3, the availability of the Pearl White Multi-Coat instead of a simple white might be a temporary offer due to keeping production simple for now, as soon as Tesla finds a solution this color will again become an expensive option, or this might be the results of the ‘economies of scale’, we will know soon.

Solid Black that was previously the ‘standard’ color on the Model 3 is now being offered for a $750 extra.

New Tesla Model 3 Pricing for the United States

  • RWD – Standard Range Plus – $38,990 (previously $39,900)
  • Dual-Motor Long Range – $47,990 (previously $49,900)
  • Dual-Motor Performance – $54,990 (previously $59,900)

New Tesla Model 3 Pricing for the United Kingdom

Tesla has brough changes to  the Model 3 prices globally, in the United Kingdom the price for the Standard Range Plus is significantly decreased and the price for Performance variant bumped slightly unlike the United States where the prices went down for all the models (see pricing list below).

Additionally, the UK now has the ‘Long Range All-Wheel Drive’ Model 3 variant available to order which was previously not offered in the country, the price difference between the Long Range and Performance Model 3s in the country is only £3,650.

  • RWD – Standard Range Plus – £36,490 (previously £38,050)
  • Dual-Motor Long Range – £45,490 (previously N/A)
  • Dual-Motor Performance – £49,140 (previously £48,590)

Tesla might make further quick changes to the pricing in the coming days due to various constraints, check the Tesla Mode 3 ordering page for the most updated prices of the car.

Not just the Model 3 but Model S and X also have gone through pricing changes and the Pearl White Multi-Coat color has become ‘standard’ on both of these vehicles as well.

Pearl White Multi-Coat is now the standard color for Tesla Model 3.
Pearl White Multi-Coat is now the standard color for Tesla Model 3.
Tesla Model 3 Interior Vinyl Kit

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