Tesla Model S P100D vs. Dodge Demon Crate

Tesla Model S P100D vs. Dodge Demon in an epic 1/4 mile drag race battle

May 01, 2018 | by Iqtidar Ali

Looks like our ICE vehicle enthusiasts, specially the racing community is still in denial of the supremacy of the ‘all-electric drivetrain’ and every now and then they attempt to dethrone Tesla’s P100D vehicles in quarter-mile drag races.

A new video showcasing two attempts of Tesla Model S P100D vs. Dodge Demon drag race that who is the superior — a full-size family sedan with a stock performance battery pack and dual motor drivetrain or a purpose built roaring drag race monster.

The thing to remember here is the Dodge Demon this time equipped with a ‘Crate’ meaning a custom racing package. With the Demon Crate the ICE monster is boosted to 840 hp to a 6.2-liter Supercharged V8 engine along with a Race ECU, Race filter, pair of skinny front-runner drag wheels and Mickey Thompson street tires.

The powerful gas-guzzler Dodge Demon was so fuel hungry that the team had to tow it for re-fueling just before the race and not to forget the Demon was filled with 100 Octane racing fuel — what’s left for preparation?

Comparatively the Tesla Model S P100D is in stock condition and a still ready to give the Dodge Demon a tough time at the purpose built drag race track by Drag Times/YouTube.

The result? As the electric-car/Tesla lovers would have expected — the first attempt the Dodge Demon was able to lead with only a .01 seconds difference and in the second attempt the family sedan humiliated the monster with a .08 second stretch.

Previously we have featured the Tesla Model X ruining the Dodge Challenger Hellcat in a drag race challenge and Archie Hamilton also setup a triple drag competition between a Rimac Concept_One, LaFerrari and Tesla Model S P90D worth watching.

Check out both vehicle stats overview as per Drag Times in the following table, watch the race in the video below and let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Tesla Model S P100D and Dodge Demon SRT racing stats overview

OptionsTesla MOdel S P100DDodge Demon Crate
Battery Pack/Engine100 kWh Performance Version6.2L Sueprcharged V8
DrivetrainPerformance Dual MotorsRear Wheel Drive (RWD)
Wheels/Tires21" Tesla stock tiresMickey Thompson sticky tires
TechLudicrous ModeRace ECU
Horsepower588 hp840 hp
Curb Weight4,900 pounds4,280 pounds
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