Tesla Model X P100D vs. Lamborghini Urus drag race battle

War of the worlds: Tesla Model X P100D vs. Lamborghini Urus drag race

Two powerful individuals from two different worlds of the automotive industry — Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) vs. Electric Vehicle (EV) — Tesla Model X vs. Lamborghini Urus battle to set the world record for the quickest SUV in a quarter-mile drag race.

Lamborghini Urus has a mutated DNA as it is manufactured by Volkswagen Group in Hungary and delivered as a final product to Lamborghini. Urus’s 641 hp twin-turbocharged V-8 engine is the same used in Porsche Panamera, a few Bentleys and top-end Audi models (source).

With a starting price of  MSRP $200,000 only, Urus seems to be the cheapest Lambo you can buy with an ultra-premium badge.

A few weeks ago we saw Tesla Model X P100D racing some high-end SUVs like the Mercedes-AMG G63, Range Rover Sport SVR, and Lamborghini Urus in 1/4 mile drag races (video also below).

Now DragTimes has set up a one-on-one 1/4 mile drag race between a Lamborghini Urus vs. Tesla Model X P100D to see if the Model X is able to keep its world-record as the ‘world’s quickest SUV’ or not.

Both competing SUVs are using ‘Launch Control’ or in Tesla lingo ‘Ludicrous Mode’ to jump-start the race with a quick thrust of full power to the drivetrains.

Before watching these interesting drag races, let’s go over some quick specs of both the vehicles below.

Tesla Model X P100D vs Lamborghini Urus quick comparison stats

OptionsTesla MOdel X P100DLamborghini Urus
Battery Pack/Engine100 kWh Performance Version4.0 L V8 Twin Turbo
DrivetrainPerformance Dual Motors (AWD)All-Wheel Drive (RWD)
Wheels/Tires21" Tesla stock tiresMickey Thompson sticky tires
Torque920 lb ft627 lb-ft
Horsepower588 hp641 hp
Curb Weight5,700 pounds4850 pounds
Price (MSRP)$164,000$200,000+

So the Lamborghini Urus wins 2 out of 4 attempts of the drag race, however, the margin of a win by either SUV is not that great but winning is all that matters in the end.

Cold weather seems to have played a role in the two lost attempts of the Tesla Model X, as battery electric-vehicle performance drops down in the winter (expert tips on how to keep your EV in optimal condition during the harsh cold weather).

20 MPH roll start race was particularly interesting as Model X totally crushed the Urus when the driver floored the acceleration pedal, surely the Ludicrous Mode kicked-in hard here.

Lamborghini Urus also steals the DragTimes World’s Quickest SUV record from Model X with an 11.234 sec @ 120.12 mph run. Let’s look at the summary of results in the following table.

Attempt #Tesla MOdel X P100DLamborghini UrusWin by (sec)
111.296 sec @ 117.64 mph11.262 sec @ 119.47 mph (wins).0818
211.333 sec @ 116.99 mph (wins)11.234 sec @ 120.12 mph.1298
311.680 sec @ 116.19 mph11.234 sec @ 119.87 mph (wins).2396
4 20 mph Roll Start (wins)20 mph Roll Start 

Video: Tesla Model X P100D vs. Lamborghini Urus vs. Mercedes-AMG G63 vs. Range Rover Sport SVR – Drag & Rolling Race

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