Reviewing the Tesla Model Y with a measuring tape, get the full information.

This is the info you get when Tesla Model Y is reviewed with a measuring tape

The clouds of uncertainty over the specs and dimensions have finally cleared since the automaker started deliveries of its Tesla Model Y midsize electric SUV from last Friday — some initial deliveries reportedly got delayed but just for a day or two, a serious push in Model Y deliveries should be expected this week gaining momentum till the end of the current month (end of TSLA Q1′ 2020).

With the deliveries starting Tesla also released the full Model Y Owner’s Manual that contains pieces of information that were previously unavailable through any authentic source, the car manufacturer from the Silicon Valley just descended all of that info upon us.

In the meanwhile YouTuber, Tesla Raj visited the Tesla Fremont factory and found a Tesla Model Y Performance with the Upgrade Package (PUP) in the parking lot and was able to produce a detailed review of the most anticipated electric vehicle of the year — and that he did on a rainy day in California (video below).

Raj even took a measuring tape with him to bring us various measurements and info of the Model Y areas that even Tesla’s official specs for the vehicle don’t reveal (see table 1.1 below). Let’s first look at the exterior and interior dimensions of the Tesla Model Y revealed in the owner’s manual.

Tesla Model Y exterior and interior dimensions.
Tesla Model Y exterior and interior dimensions. Click/Tap to load high-res screenshot in new tab (source: Tesla Inc.)

Table 1.1: Tesla Model Y luggage space with measuring tape, additional info

Options / FeaturesMeasurement / Info
Side mirrors (larger than the Model 3)7.5 in (190 mm) wide and 6 in (152 mm) tall
Practical trunk Space5 carry on suitcases on top + 1 in the lower trunk (compartment under the trunk floor)
Trunk width37 in (940 mm)
Trunk depth (or length)43 in (1,093 mm)
Trunk height (center)27 in (686 mm)
Trunk height (sides)20 in (508 mm)
Trunk side pockets depth12 in (305 mm)
Trunk side pockets height20 in (508 mm)
Practical frunk space1 carry on suitcase plus more
Seat risers (driver/passenger)6 in (152 mm)
Distand from rear seat thigh support to the glass roof36 in (3 feet / 914 mm)
Reclining rear seatsYes / 3 levels
Rear seats width18 in (457 mm) each side seat, 12 in (305 mm) center seat
Rear seat height from the ground (sitting position height)24 in (610 mm)
Front seat height from the ground (lowest heigt setting)26 in (660 mm)
Front seat height from the ground (heighest heigt setting)29 in (737 mm)
Tires for 21" Uberturbine wheelsPirelli Elect P Zero
Center console trimPiano Black (yes, it returns, here's how to be save it from getting ruined)
Wireless phone chargingYes
Front USB ports1 x USB-3.1 (Tpye-C) + 1 x normal Type-A port
Rear USB ports2 x USB-3.1 (Tpye-C)

Measuring the trunk, seats, cabin space, and the sitting position from the ground gives us some good information about the Tesla Model Y, now we know that driver+passenger front seats can be elevated to a max of 3 inches (76 mm) — such information in the above video and table will help people with varying heights and weight make their buying decision for this vehicle.

With the 2nd-row seat still up, the Tesla Model Y’s huge trunk and frunk can accommodate seven standard carry on suitcases, 5+1 in the trunk and under compartment and 1 in the frunk (front trunk), a good measure for planning long journeys with friends or family.

Three adults sitting in the 2nd-row seat can with heights of 5’7″ (170 cm), 5’10″(177.8 cm), and 6’1″(185.4 cm) were comfortabel with the legroom but it was a bit tight at the shoulders, for long journey 2 adults and kid in the back seat would be better than 3 adults, on short commute 3 grown people would be just fine (IMO).

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