Tesla Model 3 body totally destroyed but still drivable.

This totally wrecked Tesla Model 3 is still drivable, owner puts it on sale

This only happens in the world of Teslas and electric vehicles, the Tesla Model 3 of Oleg K. despite being totally wrecked is still drivable as he shared in a couple of videos on his YouTube channel — pretty interesting, as the drivetrain and the battery pack remained somewhat intact, the car is still working fine (in terms of drivability of course).

Oleg has put this Tesla Model 3 on sale for which he made an announcement on Twitter, although he did not mention the exact price for this beauty, he is open to offers from the Tesla community or someone like Rich Rebuilds who’s business is salvaging Teslas and posting project videos on YouTube.

The owner’s tweet sounds funny but the condition of this Tesla Model 3 can be witnessed even with a blurred vision — the winshield, b-pillars, roof, rear window, trunk lid, frunk (front trunk) are totally damaged, this might also gain the attention vehicle teardown experts like Sandy Munro and Jack from EVTV.me who has a whole workshop to fetch Tesla battery cells from damaged battery packs for his UPS and solar power projects.

Above video clip was the short version of the damaged Tesla Model 3 driving, the following video is a longer version where Oleg drives it for more than a couple of mins and performs some basic maneuvers, he states that the car’s charging system is intact and the center touchscreen display is interestingly also working just fine.

Let us know in the comments section below about your thoughts on this wrecked but drivable Model 3 and the possibility of it being used in a project or rebuilding.

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