Tesla Model Y stockpile at the company's Fremont car factory.

Tesla Fremont factory is swarming with the Model Y SUVs ready for delivery

Tesla Model Y production is in full swing at the Silicon Valley-based automaker’s Fremont, Calfornia car factory as we witness the stockpile in new photos — as Tesla has sent delivery emails to specific customers who should be expecting their deliveries in March, the company’s car lot seems to be getting full of the Model Y production SUVs.

Traditionally, the first ones to receive their Tesla Model Y SUVs will be the Tesla employees and then comes the turn of the California residents when the west coast demand is getting fulfilled, Tesla will be shipping these to the east coast asap.

Just last week we saw that Tesla was testing the Model Y Performance on their dedicated test track at the Fremont facility, also the leaked photos showed that the body frames of the Model Ys had started to pile up, now we see that the newly spotted vehicles seem almost ready for delivery. In these photos (above and below) we see that the huge hatchback trunk door of several Model Y electric SUVs is opened but the photographer was not able to get near the vehicles in order to take a close picture of the trunk space we earlier saw in a rare photo.

Tesla Model Y SUVs stockpiling at Tesla's Fremont car factory.
Tesla Model Y SUVs stockpiling at Tesla's Fremont car factory.

The above tweet shows the tire size of the Tesla Model Y with the 20″ Induction wheels is revealed in a closeup photo that reads ‘255/40 R20‘ — but the included wheels on the Model Y are 19″ Gemini for which the tire size is still a mystery.

Tesla Model Y spottings have become a daily thing now, at least in California, Jay Yu saw the following beautiful Model Y in blue color he took the selfie with, in this picture the Model Y looks like a mid-sized SUV, in the recent Model 3 visual comparison, it looked like a compact SUV, Tesla is still reluctant to release official dimensions of the Model Y on brink of deliveries, tell us what you think about this policy by Tesla in the comments section below.

Last but not the least as Elon Musk has expressed in the past that the Tesla Model Y will be bigger than Model 3, S, and X combined — YouTube channel ‘Solving The Money Problem’ shows us how it will happen in their video below.

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Photo Credits: Noe Arribas/Facebook

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