Tesla Model 3 reverse camera feed showing on the center touchscreen.

Display side camera views while Teslas reverse, Elon says ‘yes’

In his most recent tweet from about an hour ago, Elon Musk showed a positive response on the idea of displaying the side-cameras feed on the center touchscreen while backing up the car, the affirmation from the Tesla CEO came in the same discussion thread where he started a poll for Gigafactory Texas.

As we can see in the featured photo above taken from a Tesla Model 3 backing up, the rear camera feed is wide but still there are blind-spots on both sides, this became the reason for a useful question from Tesla Owners Silicon Valley and a prompt reply from Musk.

Showing the feed from all three cameras would be a little UI and UX challenge for the Tesla software team but they will eventually figure it out with some experimenting, Tesla always has the option to improve the user-experience with newer updates.

Tesla Side Repeater Camera for Autopilot, FSD, and Sentry Mode. In the future will be used for backing up the car.
Tesla Side Repeater Camera for Autopilot, FSD, and Sentry Mode. In the future will be used for backing up the car. Photo by: thelastdriverlicenseholder.com

Tesla’s design decision to install the side cameras integrated with the side-repeaters is deviant to traditional automakers choice of installing them with the side mirrors — in Teslas this side-cameras until now have been used for Autopilot‘s vision and catching vandals using the Sentry Mode.

Now it seems that in a near-future Tesla over-the-air software update, the side-camera feed will be available for a wider view of the surroundings on the sides and rear of the car, will definitely help backing up the car more safely.

The original idea of using side-view mirrors for backup feed came from Rob Hoehn/Tesla Ideas and he also pitched another idea in this thread for having an option of bird’s eye view of the car — tilting down the side view mirrors in reverse gear would also be cool, a Toyota Corolla has that feature, why not a Tesla.

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