Tesla Cybertruck spotted in the wild.

Tesla Cybertruck spotted in he wild for the first time ever (video clip)

Tesla Cybertruck aka ‘The Polarizer’ has divided the entire world in like or dislike opinion and Tesla does not worry about it as they are getting pre-orders at ludicrous speeds (250k till last Elon Musk tweet). Cybertruck now is seen in the wild for the first time ever and a short video was posted online and the era of the spottings starts earlier than expected.

Traditionally the prototypes of Tesla Model 3 and Model Y started being seen on the streets way after their first unveilings but it is different for the Cybertruck who is responsible for crashing Tesla’s reservation server and also taking the crown of the most viral vehicle on the internet in recent history — people are going crazy about it.

In the following video, the Cybertruck sprints across a Fremont street near Tesla HQ and luckily the camera of @chicago_roy was ON, we go the first glimpses of the most talked-about internet thing these days.

All Tesla prototype vehicles are followed by a chase car when the product is under testing, and this time it is a Model X SUV — we can see how small it looks in comparison to the Cybertruck — with the 3mm stainless steel body, it looks like a tank on the road.

A recent study of the Twitter trending data shows that still most of the U.S. states don’t like the Cybertruck but several forward-looking ones have embraced the idea open-heartedly but Tesla CEO Elon Musk had already warned that the Tesla pickup truck will not suit everyone’s taste.

Besides the hate for the Cybertruck design, Tesla is getting an overwhelming number of pre-orders and the interest is growing with every passing hour — with an estimated 1 million pre-orders in place before the production begins late 2021, even if half of the bookings convert to deliveries, we are talking about an addition to existing Tesla revenue with an injection of $25 B by 2022 -23.

Most of the reservation holders are opting for the Dual-Motor or Tri-Motor variants of the Tesla Cybertruck, seems like the guys are really interested to check the off-roading capabilities of the Cybertruck — would be worth watching.

This behemoth of an electric vehicle gets the credit for bringing the term ‘Cyber’ back from the dead, it lives up to its cyberpunk aspirations.

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