Dubai Police Loves the Cybertruck and wants it in 2020.

Dubai Police wants the Cybertruck, Mexican municipality ordered 15 units

Tesla Cybertruck’s popularity has started to struck Governments and high-profile government officials around the world who don’t seem to resist the temptation to make the rugged and futuristic vehicle an important part of their fleets.


Dubai Police, a Mexican municipality, and the Justice Minister of Norway have shown keen interest in the Cybertruck — Dubai Police even tweeted that the Cybertruck will be part of the department’s fleet by 2020, Governments maybe getting them earlier than the general public or it might just be a tweet that was written in excitement as Tesla estimates the production start by 2022.

The tweet from Dubai Police Department went viral and has 14.2k like and 3.2k RTs at the time of this writing, even the people of the modern mega city want the truck so bad, it’s ‘real built-tough’ by Tesla and many think it can cruise the desert better than the traditional SUVs (is it an SUV with the bed cover closed? let us know in the comments section below).

Tesla Cybertruck’s speed and agility with the dual and tri-motor powertrain will surely help the police department catch the bad guys easily, even a culprit in a Lamborghini or Ferrari will fear the 0-60 mph in >2.9 seconds — Dubai Police needs that much acceleration as supercars are quite a norm there.

The truck made of stainless steel that can handle sledgehammer hits without a dent would be a nightmare for the criminals, hitting the Cybertruck in a hot pursuit would not be a good thing for someone driving a traditional car, pickup truck or SUV.


South American region also loves the Tesla Cybertruck and proof is that a Mexican municipality has pre-ordered 15 Cybertrucks for the local government needs, the Mayor’s Office even showcased the posters explaining the government’s decision in switching to the electric pickup truck and its benefits.

The details written on the banners outside the Mayor’s office are written in Espanol, so I am not able to apprehend much of it but got the basic idea of it (thanks to my Spanish co-worker from a past job, she taught me some basic language words).

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This is the interesting story of Jøran Kallmyr, Norway’s Minister of Justice, he announced his Tesla Cybertruck pre-order in a Facebook post and told the world that he has taken the risk of not asking his better half before placing the pre-order.

When it comes to Cybertruck love, it is better to ask for forgiveness from your spouse rather than ask for permission, says Jøran Kallmyr — because at the first glance the radical design of the Cybertruck shocks the viewer but later on it grows on them, this is the experience of many people around the globe who ultimately pulled the trigger on ordering one for themselves.

Norway is already a heaven for electric vehicles and the Tesla Supercharger Network is rampant in the country, so it is perfectly feascible to own the vehicle in that space.

Did you tell your wife before placing the pre-order for the Cybertruck? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  • Mac
    Posted at 22:19h, 07 January Reply

    No, I haven’t told her yet about the pre-order. She’s still in Stage 3. But by 2022 she’ll be hinting that she wants one.

    • Iqtidar Ali
      Posted at 02:29h, 08 January Reply

      yep, no worries, till then it will be trending in the automotive design!

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