Tesla Cybertruck standing besides a Mercedes Benz Unimog Truck.

Watch the Cybertruck drive into the Tesla Design Center and beside a Unimog (pics, videos)

First of all Merry Christmas to all of the Cybertruck lovers and haters out there — although the number of haters has shrunk quite a bit over the last few weeks but still. Some new videos and pics of the Tesla Cybertruck have emerged online and we felt utterly obliged to present them to you.

Consider this the 2nd part of the Tesla Christmas Party pics and video from last week’s report — again, we cannot ignore the cool Cybertruck stuff, at all, such as this Cybertruck Merry Christmas card!

Merry Cyber Christmas!
Merry Cyber Christmas! (we are not endorsed by CocaCola or endorse them in any way, this is only because of the Cybertruck and Christmas).

The first video is posted to the Cybertruck subreddit by u/backstreetatnight that shows the Tesla Cybertruck being driven inside the Tesla Design Studio after the end of the Christmas Party which was organized last Wednesday.

The Cybertruck in this video really looks like a mini tank, a thing to reckon with on the road, and cool as the extreme winter days we’re experiencing right now.

Cybertruck Interior Photo

He also posted a new interior picture taken during the test drive at the Tesla Cybertruck unveiling event last month — this photo is one of the clearest ones showing the rearview mirror in detail, Cybertruck’s back view mirror is actually a screen that displays the feed from a separate camera capturing the traffic and road condition behind the vehicle.

Although the video feed displayed on the rearview screen looks crisp and clear, it might take some time getting used to this new feature, we sometimes change the angle of the rearview mirror in our traditional cars for a better or altered angle, let’s see how this screen covers that aspect in day to day driving when customers start receiving deliveries in 2021.

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Tesla Cybertruck interior photo (steering wheel, center touchscreen and rearview screen visible in the shot).
Tesla Cybertruck interior photo (steering wheel, center touchscreen and rearview screen visible in the shot).
Ligthed 'T' for Tesla Model 3 by EVANNEX

Unimog vs. The Cybertruck

At the Holiday Party last week, Tesla brought in a Mercedes Benz Unimog Truck and parked it beside the Tesla Cybertruck, the reason I can see here is to compare the size and powerful appearance of both trucks.

Since the Cybertruck is expected to be classified as a medium-duty truck, and the Unimog is a medium truck, Tesla must have felt the need to compare it with the classic one for the trucking community to see and decide between the two, according to Auto News:

Class 2B pickups have a gross vehicle weight rating between 8,501–10,000 lbs. The 2B classification covers Ford’s F-250 Super Duty, Fiat Chrysler’s Ram 2500 and General Motors’ Chevrolet Silverado 2500.

Ari Soffer (@laspeed) posted the following pictures and short video clips of the event where Tesla employees are parking the Unimog adjacent to the Tesla Cybertruck, both look great in the pictures, one is the past and the other is the definite future of truck design.

Love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below, Cybertruck was definitely the biggest thing that happened to the automotive industry in 2019, agree or not?

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