Tesla Software version 2020.4.1 on a Tesla Model 3.

Additional vehicle info, improved voice commands and Autopilot in Tesla 2020.4.1 update

Tesla software team started the new year with the 2020.4.1 firmware update, the latest update has not introduced several new features but has a key new informational dialogue named ‘Additional vehicle information’ and according to owners the voice command recognition has also improved in this version.

Bug fixing and feature tweaks were much required as the last major update of last year (2019.40.50) introduced a ton of new games, UI improvements, and components — seems like the Tesla software wing is taking a bit of a breather now and working on bug fixes and enhancement to the Autopilot/FSD side of things.

2020.4.1 release notes have the following detail on the new feature:

Additional Vehicle Information

View additional information regarding the configuration of your car by tapping Controls > Software > Additional vehicle information.

The ‘Additional Informaiton’ dialogue box now contains some important information about the vehicle which was previously not available, like the version of the Autopilot supercomputer installed on the vehicle, if the audio system is Premium or Non-Premium, linked Garage Door Opener software info, and the type of motor installed in the rear drivetrain.

Tesla Software version 2020.4.1 Additional Information dialogue box.
Tesla Software version 2020.4.1 Additional Information dialogue box.
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Voice Command Recognition Improvement in 2020.4.1

According to the All Electric YouTube channel’s following video, the voice command recognition has improved a lot after installing the 2020.4.1 firmware update, now Tesla AI is able to even listen and type complex sentences such as “how much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck” and the sentence was delivered fast, still the car got it and replied “Command not understood”, a perfect response.

Other normal commands like turning ON/OFF the rearview camera and opening the glove box worked just fine (find a list and video of commands in our 2019.40.50 full coverage).

Autopilot and Navigation Improvements

According to some owners, they feel improvement while car is driving in Autopilot mode, like Alexander show shared the following video on Twitter, according to him, he drove the car on Autopilot for an hour on snowy roads with minimum visible markings but the car performed better than the previous software version installed on his car.

His car is also an older one with the Hardware 1.0 (HW1/AP1) computer installed, comparing it to the latest Tesla full self-driving hardware it feels ancient but still, Tesla is providing updates to the older cars, another HW1 car owner reported that he received a tons of new and enhanced navigation data with the 2020.4.1 firmware update.

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