Tesla Autonomy Day 2019 - Watch Livestream

The big ‘Tesla Autonomy Day’ is here, watch Model 3 FSD demo

Tesla is all set to make history today with a demonstration of its ‘Full Self-Driving (FSD)’ software on a Tesla Model 3 — Tesla is calling it the ‘Tesla Autonomy Day’.

The demonstration will be live-streamed in front of the entire world  (watch below, 11 AM Pacific Time), according to reports Tesla has already been preparing hard for the demo through the weekend on California highways using a red Model 3 with manufacturer plates.

The Livestream placeholder image (above) that Tesla is presenting on the video (update: video posted below) and Twitter feed show a Model 3 being used for the Tesla Autonomy Day demo.

Recently Tesla has clearly separated the ‘Autopilot’ and ‘Full Self-Driving’ features of its vehicle lineup and made the basic safety and cruise-control features (Autopilot) standard on all Tesla vehicles while FSD software package is optional for a $5,000 fee.

Tesla is showcasing the Full Self-Driving feature just a day before the First Quarter 2019 Financial Results that will be announced on Wednesday on the Tesla Investor Relations website.

Let’s watch the Model 3 performing Full Self-Driving on CA highways and some key highlights from all 4 presentations and Q & A session with Elon.

Video: Tesla Model 3 – Full Self-Driving Demo

Key Highlights from the Tesla Autonomy Day presentations:

  • Tesla’s Hardware 3.0 Computer which is now called the ‘FSD Computer’ is the most advanced and powerful chip ever designed for self-driving cars.
  • Tesla FSD Computer chip is ~7x more powerful than the Nvidia Xavier chip for self-driving cars.
  • Tesla FSD Computer can process video at 2300 frames per second compared to HW 2.5 computer which can process only 110 fps (21 times more faster)
  • All Teslas manufactured right now are equipped with the FSD Computer (Model S/X 1 month ago, Model 3 since 10 days of production)
  • The FSD demonstration we see in the above video is the development software deployed on test vehicles.
  • Newly produced cars and HW 2.5 cars that will be retrofitted with the FSD Computer will be able to handle much more complex neural nets with more precision.
  • Tesla is not only relying on massive data, but they are also picking up the most important data points to ensure neural net training is optimal.
  • According to Elon Musk companies using Lidar for their self-driving projects are not sustainable, too costly and not fulfilling the purpose.
  • Tesla’s FSD software is the most advanced in the industry since Tesla has data from the fleet of 70 million+ miles driven on Navigate on Autopilot feature.
  • Tesla will keep the leased Model 3s after the contract term to use them as Autonomous Robotaxis (no need for a driver).
  • From 3 years from now, a Robotaxi should cost $25,000 or less according to Elon Musk.
  • By mid-2020 there will be over a million Tesla vehicles equipped with FSD Hardware.
  • Tesla battery-packs produced from sometime next-year onwards will have a life of 1 million+ miles, current packs have a 300 – 500k miles of life before battery degradation actually matters.

More to come very soon as Tesla has dispersed a lot of information in one day that can be summoned into one article, do let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Tesla has published the entire live stream recording on YouTube which you can watch below, a massive 3 hours and 52 mins of tech-talk and walk.

Tesla Full Self-Driving computer unveiled at the Tesla Autonomy Day.
Tesla Full Self-Driving computer unveiled at the Tesla Autonomy Day.

Full Video: Tesla Autonomy Day Event

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