Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus launched in Europe

Tesla launches Model 3 Standard Range Plus in Europe, Autopilot goes ‘Standard’ globally

Tesla finally launches the more affordable Model 3 variant for the European market, the ‘Standard Range Plus’ for €44,500 that is around €10,800 cheaper than the ‘Long Range Dual-Motor’ version available in the next tier.

The other big news for potential Tesla customers is that ‘Autopilot’ now comes as ‘Standard/Included in Price’ option, this was till yesterday a €2,000 / $2,000 option — Full Self-Driving package still costs €5,200 / $5,000 USD.

The third big bang Tesla put out today is removing the ‘$35k Model 3 Standard’ from the online design studio, means you can no longer order the Standard Range Model 3 (for now).

Tesla customers in Europe need to rejoice as they are getting a lower-cost electric vehicle that they love, the European Model 3 Standard Range Plus is showing a 415 km or range with a 225 km/h of top speed.

This Rear-Wheel Drive option is great for potential customers that don’t need the agility of the Dual-Motor option in the terrain they usually face, even then the RWD Model 3 is great in snow if equipped with proper winter tires.

The Standard Range Plus Model 3 comes with the ‘Partial Premium’ interior and an audio system with fewer speakers and limited ‘immersive sound’ (see a detailed comparison with Premium Interior and Sound we covered earlier)

The prices for paint and wheels have also been dropped today, the Red Multi-Coat now costs $2,000 instead of $2,500 earlier and the 19″ Sport wheels now cost $1,500 instead of $2,000 previously.

Tesla is shuffling prices again, the last time they changed pricing for Autopilot, they had to face a lot of criticism from the Tesla community, customers, press and the Wall Street, they reverted the prices as a result, let’s see how much pressure can Tesla take this time.

Meanwhile, you can order your lower prices Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus including the ‘Autopilot Software’ from the Tesla Design Studio Online.

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Video: Bjørn Nyland talks about the Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus launch in Europe

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