Police tows Ford Mustang with a ticket for ICE-ing the Deer Creek,CA Supercharger.

Ford Mustang towed away with a ticket for ICE-ing the Supercharger in Walnut Creek, CA

Two Ford owners learned their lesson the hard way yesterday evening when they intentionally parked their cars (Ford Focus and Ford Mustang) at the Walnut Creek Tesla Supercharger in California. A Tesla Model 3 owner with the moniker of ‘Tesla Life of Deenchik (@dollarn9ne)’ was present at the moment and reported the story on Twitter.

There are two rows for vehicle parking at the station the one from which the Tesla owner took the pictures and video (below) is ‘preferred’ parking for Tesla owner for the purpose of charging but the opposite row where the Ford Mustang can be seen parked is ‘Tesla Only’ and marked as such.

When @dollarn9ne reminded the Mustang owner that this was ‘Tesla Charging Only’ parking, he flipped his middle finger off to him and walked away, then the Tesla owner decided to call the cops and settle the matter.

Fortunately, the cops arrived at the scene with a tow truck and towed both the Mustang and the Focus and more interestingly with a ‘ticket’ — with the towing cost on them and a ticket to defend or pay, the guys will not repeat this mistake again, thanks to the thoughtfulness of @dollarn9ne.

Rest of the story in the following Twitter thread:

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Looks like @dollarn9ne has a thing with Mustangs, as he previously provided us with a video where he defeated a Ford Mustang GT in a random street race with his Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus. Also, he was one of the first ones to report the new Model 3 driving visualization’s zoom and rotate functions.

Stay tuned for more interesting stories, let the world know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  • Matt Falcon
    Posted at 21:48h, 22 December Reply

    This is the kind of heartwarming story I love to see during the holidays. ♥ Bad people getting karma.

  • Allen T.
    Posted at 07:23h, 23 December Reply

    This kind of story warms the cockles in my heart, my kind of story!

  • Sportysnarf
    Posted at 00:36h, 25 December Reply

    Was that Lexus a plug in as well?

    • Iqtidar Ali
      Posted at 16:21h, 25 December Reply

      The Lexus is not on the EV dedicated side, it’s on the preferred side, so it was ok!

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