Ford Mustang GT loses a random street race challenge against the Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus.

Mustang GT struggles to catch up even a basic Tesla Model 3 SR+ in a random street race challenge

Random street race challenges are fun when done safely, this time a confident Ford Mustang GT owner thought of challenging a Tesla Model 3 owner for a straight-line run, the result was embarrassing for the internal combustion engine (ICE) car.

The Mustang GT took two attempts on the Tesla Model 3 and lost both times, interestingly the Model 3 variant that was involved in this challenge was the base variant i.e. Standard Range Plus — looking at the video for the first time I thought it was a Model 3 Performance.

Although on paper (specs comparison below), the Ford Mustang GT Coupe seems more powerful and has a better 0-60 mph time but still the Tesla won on both tries.

Price-wise both cars are comparable and in a segment, however, the Tesla Model 3 is a 4-door compact sedan vs. the GT being a 2-door coupe — the other major difference? CO 2 Emissions! the Mustang GT emits an estimated 9.8 tons of CO 2 / year per car, that’s freaking horrible.

Now losing on the performance side as well, Ford was right in making a huge investment in the EV startup ‘Rivian Automotive’, that might save the day for them.

Tesla Model 3 SR+ vs. Ford Mustang GT specs summary

Options / FeaturesModel 3 Standard Range PlusMustang GT Coupe
Starting price (MSRP)$39,490$40,450
DrivetrainRear Wheel Drive (RWD)Rear Wheel Drive
Power283 hp (211 kW)460 bhp (343 kW)
TorqueTBA (Instant)420 lb-ft
Curb Weight1,645 kg (3,627 lbs)1,680.5 kg (3,705 lbs)
0-60 mph5.3 secs4.2 secs (source: Motor Trend)
Top Speed140 mph (225 km/h)155 mph (249 km/h)
TransmissionSingle-speed6-speed manual transmission
CO 2 Emissions (tons/year)Zero9.8 (Est)

Recently a Model 3 owner converted an ICE owner in a similar street race, the Toyota Camry owner stopped by after the race finished and asked for what Tesla model was the car, the Tesla owner proudly told him it was a Model 3 and starts as low as $35k.

So many people do not move to Tesla because of them being treehuggers but because electric vehicles and especially Teslas provide a new level of driving performance and pleasure.

Let us know how many friends, family members, and strangers you have been able to convert to Tesla and EVs to date in the comments section below.

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