Tesla Model 3 parked outside Jaguar dealership, Sentry Mode records curious Jaguar salesmen checking out the Model 3.

Curious Jaguar salesmen checking out a Tesla Model 3 in this Sentry Mode video

The latest Sentry Mode video is not about thieves or vandals or even the praise we saw last time, it’s about the curiosity of a few salesmen from none other than a Jaguar dealership — these sales guys from Jaguar take a close look at a Tesla Model 3 parked outside the dealership.

While the owners went for a test drive of a Jaguar I-Pace, the sales staff of the dealership (actually 3 guys) came to check out the parked Tesla Model 3, probably unaware of the fact that Sentry Mode had been activated and started recording sensing the close proximity of potential danger.

One guy even took a peak through the side window to look at the interior of the car, he might have expressed to his peers “how bland is that interior, there should be at least 2 dozen buttons”, but I it’s just my pure conjecture, they might have been thinking to apply for a Tesla sales job, the lack of audio recording from these Autopilot cameras makes us wonder.

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The need for Sentry Mode emerged from the rise of Tesla Model 3 window break-ins especially in the Bay Area, last few months of the last year and earlier 2019 was like an outbreak, the disease was spreading to other states of the country as well — since a few vandals and thieves have been caught on video and by the Police, the situation has gotten better for Tesla owners.

Sentry Mode is also capturing interesting and funny stuff like the curious Jaguar  salesmen above, not only the saddening events! Let us know what you think the Jaguar guys were talking about in the comments section below.

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