Tesla Model 3 and Jaguar I-Pace standing side-by-side in a parking lot - rear view. Photo by u/NetBrowin via Reddit.

Jaguar I-Pace is a Tesla Model 3 competitor by size not a Model X rival

Recently when a Tesla Model 3 owner got a chance to park his car near beside a Jaguar I-Pace, something struck his mind, both vehicles were at least the same length and when checking the numbers the width of the Model 3 is only 1.8″ (46 mm) less than the I-Pace.

The only significant difference between the both is ‘height’, the I-Pace is almost 4.5 inches (114 mm) taller than the Model 3, while comparing the I-Pace to the Model X, the latter classifies as an SUV while the I-Pace merely ranks as a CUV — perhaps it truly competes with the upcoming Tesla Model Y but we do not have size numbers on that yet.

Jaguar has been emphasizing that the I-Pace is a Tesla Model X rival since the launch and even made a commercial showing both cars racing (Model X loses, duh!).

Let’s check out what the numbers say in the following comparison table of all three EVs discussed above.

Jaguar I-Pace vs. Tesla Model 3 and Model X - Exterior Dimensions Comparison

OptionsJaguar I-PaceTesla Model 3Tesla Model X
Length184.3 in ( 4,682 mm )184.8 in ( 4,694 mm ) 198.3 in ( 5,036 mm )
Width (mirrors folded)74.6 in ( 1,895 mm )72.8 in ( 1,849 mm )81.5 in ( 2,070 mm )
Width (mirrors open)84.2 in ( 2,139 mm )76.1 in ( 1,933 mm )89.4 in ( 2,270 mm )
Overall Height61.6 in ( 1,565 mm )56.8 in ( 1,442 mm )66 in ( 1,684 mm )
Wheelbase117.7 in ( 2,990 mm )113.2 in ( 2,875 mm )117 in ( 2,965 mm )
Front track63.9 – 64.9 in ( 1,624 – 1,643 mm )62.2 in ( 1580 mm )65.4 in ( 1,661 mm )
Rear Track64 – 65.4 in ( 1,647 – 1,663 mm )62.2 in ( 1580 mm )66.9 in ( 1,699 mm )

Even when considerably smaller in length than the Tesla Model X, the Jaguar I-Pace’s wheelbase is still a slightly longer wheelbase and the side mirrors of the I-Pace are super wide giving the car’s width an almost ~10 inches of a stretch when open.

When u/NetBrown from the Tesla Subreddit got a chance to park his Tesla Model 3 besides a beautiful Jaguar I-Pace in a parking lot, we got a glimpse of how these vehicles look when standing side-by-side from different angles — the pictures below speak for themselves.

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Aftermarket Tesla Accessories by EVANNEX

Taking a look at the pictures above especially the rear and front angles of the Tesla Model 3 and Jaguar I-Pace standing side-by-side, we can see that the length of both vehicles is almost identical, however, the width of the I-Pace can be felt with the naked eye.

The roof pictures are taken also shows little difference in height but that could be a weird camera angle, however, there seems to be not a big difference in both vehicles, Jaguar Land Rover comparing it to a Tesla Model X is not great on their part.

Another set of pictures from an owner of both the Jaguar I-Pace and Tesla Model X show the visual comparison between the vehicles, this is clearly SUV vs. CUV, let’s take a closer look and let us know your thoughts in the comments section down below.

* Click / Tap images to load HD version/gallery mode. Photos by u/PissesOffWasps

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    Wow, last week TESLA cracked the 400,000 mark on the number of Model 3 produced.
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