Tesla Model 3 Window Break-ins on the rise

Tesla Model 3 window break-ins on the rise due to a security flaw in the vehicle

Tesla Model 3 window break-ins are on the rise as car thieves are exploiting a security vulnerability where the alarm does not ring when the rear quarter-window is broken — this gives the perpetrators a chance to fold down the rear seats and look into the trunk for valuables.

These occurrences are more apparent in the affluent neighborhoods of California like the Bay Area, San Jose (photo above), Santa Clara and the likes — Model 3 owners have been reporting these break-ins for a few months now but Tesla does not seem to have come up with a security solution yet.

Model 3 owners should avoid keeping any valuable items in the rear trunk after parking their vehicle, even you are going away for a little while, break-ins have been reported in as low as half-hour absence of the owner.

Some Model 3 owners are recommending keeping the rear seats down while parked to lower the thieves curiosity, but if the rear window is tinted this solution might not work.

Tesla Model X Enhanced Anti-Theft Motion Sensors
Tesla Model X Enhanced Anti-Theft Motion Sensors

Tesla can provide the best solution to this issue themselves as they did for the Model X by providing a security accessory called the ‘Model X Enhanced Anti-Theft‘ — this is basically a motion sensor (see illustration above) retrofitted in the cabin’s dome light, Tesla describes the product as:

Increase your vehicle’s protection with active sensor technology designed to detect motion inside the cabin as well as sense if the vehicle is moved or tilted. It will warn against potential theft with an audible alarm.

Tesla Model X enhanced anti-theft system is priced at $350 which seems expensive but a Model 3 owners reporting via different social media and Tesla forums say that the rear quarter window replacement is costing them north of $500 a piece.

Reportedly Tesla is also re-directing customers to 3rd party shops for these window glass replacements, some shops have the inventory available thus it’s a quick fix, other shops might not have the parts available and it can take from 1 week to 10 days or more to get your rear quarter window fixed.

Some photos of the Tesla Model 3 window break-ins

In the wake of rising theft of the Tesla vehicles, especially in Europe & UK via ‘relay attacks’ — which basically involves enhancing key-fob signals and unlocking the car — Tesla introduced some software updates to disable ‘passive entry’ and the Key Fob for Tesla Model 3 is not able to use the ‘passive entry’ feature at all.

Hopefully, the Tesla team is brainstorming on such an important issue and are able to come up with a solution soon. Tesla owners have set up an online petition at change.org that Model 3 owners should sign to get the movement in the forward direction.

Model 3 Owners Club also have some thoughts on this in the following video — let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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