Tesla Sentry Mode captures strangers praising Tesla Model 3

Tesla Sentry Mode records strangers admiring Tesla Model 3

Every footage of the Tesla Sentry Mode is not about theft or vandalism, some footage can be a breeze to look at and to feel proud as a Tesla owner — just like the following footage from a Tesla Model 3 side-repeater dashcam that shows a couple of strangers admiring the car.

The man and woman in this latest Sentry Mode video can be seen stopping by u/poppap‘s Model 3 for a closer look and inspecting different areas of the car like the interior and exterior design, looks like the couple also spotted the Tesla Sentry Mode Hal 9000 eye activated on the center touchscreen as the guy points his partner towards the screen.

According to the Tesla Model 3 owner, his car was parked at his workplace parking lot when the car recorded this video as he keeps Sentry Mode ON to record any incident as we have seen in the recent past.

Although the video was originally posted on Reddit which has received more than 7k upvotes — upon my request the owner posted it on his YouTube channel, let’s watch this interesting piece.

The couple seen in this Sentry Mode clip seems to be aware of the fact that the side repeater cameras are actively recording, they might be Teala enthusiasts or fans because the douchebags recently caught by Sentry Mode in Old Sacramento were laughing after vandalizing a Tesla Model 3, later on they had to turn themselves in to the Police Department.

After the above-mentioned case went viral on social media and even on TV and the guys getting caught by Police, the frequency of Tesla vandalism cases surfacing online has dropped significantly — as more and more awareness about this function spreads, only hardcore criminals will attempt a take on Tesla vehicles.

The last but very important message “Don’t mess with Teslas“, enjoy your life and let others drive their dream cars, especially environmentally friendly Teslas.

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